Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Good News! NYSUT Has Reopened The Catastrophe Major Medical Plan

One of the very few benefits that NYSUT offered that was considered a good deal was the Catastrophe Major Medical Plan.  This plan is an affordable supplemental health insurance policy that pays benefits for nursing home care, rehabilitation, at  home care, and other medical expenses not covered by the basic health care, including Medicare.  The plan was closed in 2011 and many UFT members missed out on a plan that, had they knew about it , would have joined.  The good news is that NYSUT has decided to reopen the CMM plan.  You can read the information Here

The actual application for the NYSUT CMM is now available on the NYSUT member benefits page but you can download the 3-page application with instructions Here.

The deductible ranges from zero for preventive benefits to $5,000 per family and $2,500 for an individual.  The annual premium is age dependent and ranges from a low of $82.90 for members under 40 years of age and to a high of $654.77 .for members over 95 years old.  At 65 years of age the premium will be $453.93 or $18.91 per paycheck.  Remember, the time limit for filling out the application is only for 45 days, starting on May 1, 2017 and closing as of June 15, 2017.  There is no guarantee that this offer will be available in the future.

The bottom line, while this is not a replacement for the prohibitively expensive long term care plans that many insurance companies are pitching. It certainly is a much needed supplemental health insurance plan that's missing in our health benefits universe and is the fifth leg to our retirement.


Gladys Sotomayor said...

Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chaz for the info.

DOEvet said...


Is the 45 day window for this year, and there will be another window the following year, or is this the only window for the next several years?

Chaz said...

The 45 day window is for this year only. Cannot say if there will be another chance to join next year or years after that.

Anonymous said...

anything for retired members? They said retired members cannot join.

Nina Young said...

How can I find out if another open enrollment happens? I am retired with a sick spouse and never told about this benefit. I am a BERS member