Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why Do Female Teachers Get Little Or No Prision Time When Caught Having Sex With A Student?

The Daily News reported that Bronx middle school Social Studies teacher Dori Myers pleaded guilty to preforming oral sex on a 14 year old boy and received a 10 year sentence of probation and had to register as a level 1 sex offender but no prison time.  The Daily News article them claimed that she retained her teaching certificate.

The truth is she will most certainly lose her teaching license in New York State when the NYSED files an article 83 against Ms. Myers.  The City cannot take away a teacher's certificate only the State can.  However, what caught my attention was that she received no prison time.

Interestingly, many female teachers like Ms. Myers,  get no prison time, when caught having sexual relations with students while male teachers usually get between 2 to 10 years in prison.  Why is there such a difference?  Apparently, the legal system looks at men as sexual predators who planned and groomed the student, while female teacher are looked at as nurturers who became attached emotionally and crossed the line by becoming sexual.  Hence the disparate sentencing between male and female teachers which is unfair and discriminatory.

Here are the 50 most infamous female cases and the majority never received prison time.  By contrast, this article shows the disparate treatment when sentencing male and female teachers. Moreover, another article shows that same thing.  Finally, read this article.

The bottom line, male teachers are likely to get significant prison time while female teachers are most likely to receive little or no prison time when caught having sex with a student.


Highly Effective King Clovis said...

The problem is even in how they report it. The headline says "teacher who performed oral sex on 14 yr old." The heading should have said "teacher who raped 14 yr old."

Our society seems to see female perpetrators as still victims. Take this or any crime, men get far harsher sentences and it gets worse when it's broken down by race. On one sized you have people pushing for "equal rights" between men and women, but through a lot of society, things are very unequal, though it is not the things they are pushing to make equal.

Anonymous said...

Chaz, thank you for pointing out the gender discrimination in sentencing male and female teachers.

Anonymous said...

I believe that female-teacher-on-male student sexual activity is far more common than the reverse, but few boys report it, because they like it or are too ashamed to report it.

If it happens to a girl, she reports it and the pitchforks of society come to bear. Women get away with a lot though, and the double standards in all spheres are immense.

Almost every time you do hear about a female teacher doing this, it is almost always because a parent found something on a phone or the gossip vine at school got around too far. Most is kept secret forever or for ages and people do not get as alarmed.

Males are hard wired differently (sorry gender deniers) and a sexual experience for a teen boy rarely bothers the average virile young male past initial puberty, especially if the perp is hot.

With so many young, female teachers barely older than the students, and with no one being taught religious or traditional values anymore, is it any wonder it seems like anything goes?

I personally witness DAILY young female staff members at my school flirting with the male students and vice-versa. Just TODAY, I saw a young Dominican female teacher, who is something of a sexpot, hanging off some boy in the hallway in a half hug, half playful wrestle. The look on her face was priceless and 'joyful.' She does that stuff all the time too, as do a couple of other staff members where I am at now.

When I was in the Bronx a young Indian female teacher was practically begging the boys for a spin, constantly doing very aggressive touch-flirting, hugging, etc.

When I was young, all the female teachers were old and mostly grey haired. Now they are the Thots of young boys' dreams. We should not be outraged too much because it is the way of things now. America of yesteryear has gone away, and the Brave New World is here!

Anonymous said...

Watch'll be accused of hate speech.

Anonymous said...

It seems that when a woman does something like this, she is seen as a person with poor judgement who made a mistake while a man is simply a sleaze ball. Take Blanche Dubois from A Streetcar Named Desire for example. In literature she is seen as a tragic figure and we are made to feel sorry for her even though she had an affair with one of her students. If Blanche were a man, the story would be very different.

Anonymous said...

I became a teacher to help the students . I still believe we can make a difference .
Just because we have a few rotton apples we don’t have to be one of them .
I will still fight for the American dream.I still teach what’s right and teach so
America can live up to and become a true democracy.

Anonymous said...

Chaz, I loved the picture.

Anonymous said...

This stuff never happened twenty years ago - virtually unheard of. Not because of embarrassment, every male student would brag about it, which is why the horny females are getting caught. It's because women are like men now. They think like them and act like them. Men on the other hand have had their balls cut off. We are guilty of all of society's ills. Worse men are now like women used to be. Stay silent, cry at the drop of a hat and never iniate flirtation with the opposite sex, unless you want to end up in the Weinstein and Russell Simmons club of #metoo. These women shouldn't be prosecuted by the way - I wish I had a sexy female teacher show me the ropes when I was horny sixteen year.

Anonymous said...

One correction. New York State takes away “certification” not “license”. Part 83 is to revoke the certifications a person may hold. Licensure is purely a city concept.

Regardless of the terminology. Going through a Part 83 is not a good thing.

Chaz said...

Anon 11:46

Thanks for the correction.