Thursday, February 02, 2006


Yesterday Epiphanny Prince scored 113 points in a 137 - 32 win over Brandeis High School in a Public School Athletic League (PSAL) basketball game. The local newscasts played up the issue as a wonderful event and the newspapers did the same. However, buried on page 60 of the New York Post was the real story of the game by reporter Dan Martin. The reporter interviewed the Brandeis coach, Vera Springer who put it in the proper perspective. She stated that "it stinks"! She further stated that the Murry Bergtraum coach Ed Grezinsky wanted to prove that Epiphanny was better than the Christ the King player, Tina Charles. What Ed Grezinsky did is undefendable and while he didn't break any technical rules under the PSAL, he certainly broke some moral rules:

* Don't run up the score on an inferior opponent.

* Keep your best players out once it is a blowout.

* Never embarres another team.

* Show class and be a role model for your players.

In my opinion, on all counts the Murry Bergtraum coach, Ed Grezinsky failed to meet these moral rules. Worse is the lack of criticism from the media. In fact, the Rugters women coach C. Vivian Stringer gave her a hug and congradulated Epiphanny on scoring 113 points. Real good role models that Epiphanny has in school basketball. Yes, Epiphanny is going to Rugters next year.

I have coached high school sports for the PSAL for the last eight years and travel teams for the ten years before that, when I am playing an inferior opponent, I never let my best players run up the score or embarres the other team. We are supposed to be role models to our players, a proud representative of our school, and a respected teacher who cares about their students well-being. Yes, there are coaches like Ed Grezinsky, who are poor role models, classless, and only care about winning. Thankfully, these coaches are a minority in high school sports and athletic directors and/or principals should be doing the right thing and dump these coaches. For every Epiphanny Prince there are thousands of players who never see significant playing time or are cut from the team because they will not add to the winning record. While all coaches want to win, the best coaches can balance winning with respect and make all players feel worthwhile. However, a minority of coaches lose sight of this goal in the zeal for winning and in the proccess destroy the self worth of the weaker athletes and opponents.

There is winning and there is winning. The way Ed Grezinsky won is undefendable!

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