Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Case Of The DOE Double Standard When Disciplining Administrators.

In today's New York Post, reporter Susan Eldelman reported on male Principals and Assistant Principals who were caught having sexual relations with female subordinates.  Contrary to the DOE's often stated position that they will not tolerate sexual misconduct of any type, real or imagined, when it comes to their Administrators, different rules apparently apply. According to the article a Principal and two Assistant Principals were found by SCI to have engaged in a sexual relationship with a female subordinate, in fact one of the female subordinate was pregnant with her supervisor's child!

Once these Administrator hijinks were exposed and the three Administrators, presented with the overwhelming evidence after first denying  it, admitted to their trysts with female subordinates.  According to the 3020-a law any educator found guilty of sexual misconduct is automatically terminated.  However, the DOE in its usual application of the "double standard" between teachers and Administrators simply demoted the three.  No 3020-a hearings in which termination would be the only penalty by the Arbitrator, if presented with the cases. I guess it is only "zero tolerance" of alleged sexual misconduct when it comes to teachers. . 

Is this the first time the DOE let Principals off the hook for sexual misconduct?  Remember the stories of Principal John Chase Jr?  Or Robert Bost?  Unfortunately, the  "double standard" is a fact of life at the DOE whee zero tolerance only applies to teachers, even when there is no sexual misconduct but is ignored when it comes to their Administrators.