Thursday, December 06, 2007

How Come I Didn't Get Invited To Randi's Party?

I read with utter shock that Randi Weingarten had her 50th birthday party and didn't invite me. As a dedicated dues-paying member of the UFT, I am upset that Randi didn't give me the opportunity to donate $100 and rub elbows with the likes of Leo (Darfur) Casey, Chancellor Klein, and Mayor Bloomberg. Wait a second, why was the Chancellor and Mayor invited to the party? I'm sure they didn't donate $100!

How many of the rank and file teachers were invited? My guess, not too many. Is this the same Randi Weingarten who was outraged by Kleinberg's "gotcha squad last month? I guess now that she is 50 (AARP eligible) Randi is allowed to have those senior moments by forgetting how anti-teacher Kleinberg is. Let me remind Randi what Kleinberg has done.

First, the elimination of grievances of LIF

Second, the end of the senior transfer system.

Third, the inclusion of the "probable cause" in the teacher contract that is currently being abused by the DOE to suspend teachers for up to three months without pay.

Fourth, severely restricting teacher- directed classroom learning.

Fifth, any student accusation is believed while the teacher response is not. The result, lack of discipline as teachers are afraid of being removed.

Six, the rapid increase in ATR's and "rubber room" teachers.

Seven, the increase in teachers leaving the NYC school system due to the difficulties in the classroom and the culture of teacher disrespect by Kleinberg.

There are many more anti-teacher actions by Kleinberg. However, I'm too tired to list them all.

I am sooooooo depressed that Randi Weingarten didn't invite me to her birthday party, I think I will celebrate Randi's birthday with a beer and a candlelight vigil at the local pub.

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NYC Educator said...

I say McSorley's, because somehow this situation calls for onions.