Saturday, January 05, 2008

Why Aren't ATR's Placed First Before New Teachers Are Hired?

In the real world most companies want older and experienced workers. These workers are the most dependable and mentor the younger and inexperienced workers. Further, the experienced worker is associated with good work habits, loyalty, and trusted by the company. However, in the New York City school system the older and experienced teacher is treated with disrespect and are encouraged to retire or resign. Many of these teachers find themselves as ATR's in another school as their school has been closed and the newer schools don't hire them. In fact many of the small schools have very few teachers with at least five years of teaching experience. This is especially true of the schools run by the principals that came from Kleinberg's leadership academy.

Just look at the "rubber rooms" where most of the teachers are 45 and over with a minimum of ten years of experience. When an administrator wants to get rid of you, they only need to accuse the teacher of improper conduct and the teacher is removed. it doesn't matter if the teacher didn't do anything, just say the teacher did, that's all it takes.

When the teachers are released from the "rubber rooms" (and more are arriving every day) they are added to the ATR ranks. How does our union respond to this? Well they say you still have jobs. In the Kleinberg's DOE more and more experienced teachers are being replaced by newbies. Is it any wonder that despite the constant test preparation grades are flat?
Too bad our union does not go to court to stop this abuse. Instead Randi and gang just talk, and talk, and talk as the DOE marginalizes the experienced teacher.


17 (really 15) more years said...

In a perfect world, there would be a hiring freeze, and no new teachers would be hired until the ATRs are placed. How exactly is the city saving money by hiring so many new teachers, while higher paid ATRs are wandering around like glorified subs? That isn't exactly cost effective- not unless the ATRs resign in frustration.

Anonymous said...

They aren't saving any money; they are wasting the taxpayer's money. Where is Bill Thompson?

Anonymous said...

When's the last time a teacher won their appeal at the office for appeals and reviews. It's been a long time. When's the last time a U rating was reversed?