Friday, June 06, 2008

The Operation Was A Success However The Patient Died

Only in the bizarre world of the Kleinberg DOE can a principal of a failing school that is closing down get a $15,000 bonus. A second principal will collect a $5,500 bonus even as he was removed for mismanagement in December. In addition, four principals who's schools received an "F" grade will be getting between $10,000 to $15,000 of bonus money. Can you imagine if a teacher was given an "F" grade, what would that teacher's future be? Right, a charge of incompetence, and termination.

With amusement, I read the Daily News article on the monetary bonus the principal of EBC/East New York High School for Public Safety and Law is getting. His school, which was given a grade of "D" and is being closed down due to a dismal academic environment, is getting a $15,000 bonus. I kid you not. Another principal, removed in December from the Acorn High School for Social Justice for mismanagement is still getting a $5,500 bonus, even as his school was graded an "F". Only, in the warped world of Tweed can poor principal performance result in monetary bonuses.

Randi Weingarten said " it's a cockeyed situation" is putting it mildly. What Randi should have said " it's insane to give principals of failing schools a bonus. Where's their accountability?"

Unfortunately, Tweed's "children last program" continues.


NYC Educator said...

So much for merit pay. Does anyone familiar with the wacky world of NYC schools think it would really go to the best teachers? Maybe the teachers who were related to, sleeping with, or doing favors for the people who dispense it.

Or maybe I'm just being cynical and there's no corruption whatsoever among school leadership.

Anonymous said...

The DOE, the Union, and the school leadership is a big circle of CORRUPTION!