Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Chief City Negotiator, Robert W. Linn Retires.

Chief City negotiator, Robert W. Linn  is retiring and his claim to fame was to convince the UFT leadership to accept a vastly inferior contract back in June 2014.

Our union leadership, led by clueless Michael Mulgrew allowed the City to defer our two 4% raises for years in the future, despite the collective bargaining rules that stated that on the second check after a contract is signed, all deferred raises will be paid at that time..  The two 4% raises, owed to us in 2009 and 2010, based on collective bargaining, would not be paid until in full until 2020.  Moreover, Mr. Lynn pushed and received union agreement that teachers who were terminated, resigned, took another position outside the UFT, or died were not eligible for the lump some payments.

Worse, Mr. Lynn convinced our union leadership to extend our contract to pay for the large retirements that year.  Therefore, the active members ended up with an annual raise of 1.37% for the length of the contract, while inflation averaged 2.5%.

Mr. Linn showed that his negotiating skills was superior to our union leadership and whenit came to negotiation with our union leadership it was like "men to boys" with the members coming out with the short end of the stick.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame that dude. Blame the spineless UFT.

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

No one is blaming him. UFT Should hire him

Anonymous said...

There should be a better way to choose UFT presidents rather than each previous president coronating the next. Each one has been progressively worse (no pun intended) - I can only imagine what Mulgrew will choose. Mulgrew really needs to go.