Tuesday, May 05, 2020

The Passing Of Chaz 1951-2020 Age 69

I am the son of Chaz and like to inform you that he passed away this afternoon from the COVID virus. My father passed in peace beside his loved ones. We are hoping to have a memorial service for him once we are able to, but for now we are going to have a small private family funeral. Thank you all for reading his blog, following him all these years, and the support you gave him. Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Chaz for all the knowledge you have shared

Anonymous said...

It's been 1 year since Chaz's passing. I still miss him. His blog was a great source of help to so many. I remember a great man.

@Myghty1 said...

Wow looking for info regarding teachers n vaccine mandates, I’m so saddened to reach this page and find out that Chaz has passed…as a former UfT Rep, I always visited this blog to see Chaz’s take on any union issues, he was the best. He’s dearly missed, thank you for all that you did Chaz, GBU n GB your family too!!!

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