Friday, June 09, 2006

A Classroom Teacher's Report Card Of The DOE

I was very amused by the June 1, 2006 letter from Chancellor Klein to the parents about the new school report card. The report card will include the school's attendance, safety, and student improvement (?), whatever that means. To compare screened schools with overcrowded large high schools is like comparing apples and oranges and the only thing they have in common are that they are fruit.

What I found really amusing is that Chancellor Klein stated that he developed this report card after asking parents, students, and teachers. Funny, I don't know of any parent, student, or classroom teacher who had any input into the plan. i would like these people to please identify themselves, if you really exist.

What I found chilling was that "experienced educators" (Tweed & their Regional flunkies) will observe the classrooms, talk to the students (yeah right) staff (principal and assistant principals, I'm quite sure thay will not be talking to the classroom teachers) and develop a "Battle Plan" (I can't wait to see this) for each student (ha, ha, ha). I just hope that the joke is not on us.

I figured it was time as an "experienced classroom teacher" to give the DOE a report card grade.

DOE's Understanding Of the High School Classroom

Calandar Year September 2005 - June 2006

********Activity************************************ Issue ************(Grade)

Teacher input into classroom policies*************** Does not understand******* (F)

Class size reductions****************************** Does not understand*******(F)

Knowledge of classroom conditions****************** Does not understand******* (F)

Student discipline problems************************ Does not understand********(F)

School overcrowding*******************************Does not understand********(F)

Promoting 8th graders without proper skills***********Does not understand********(F)

Respect for teachers******************************** Does not understand*******(F)

Based upon my report card the DOE has shown to be unaccountable and a failure when it comes to my classroom. The final grade? " F"


NYC Educator said...

I found that document remrakable. Of course teachers are responsible for what goes on in their classrooms, and principals are repsonsible for what goes on in their schools.

To read that letter, you'd think parents played no role whatsover in the upbringing of their children. I am the first and most important teacher of my kid, and my influence is far stronger and long-lasting than that of any schoolteacher.

I would be a fool if I counted on the school system to raise my child. Worse if I thought a suit like Klein could care less.

Also, while Klein claims to be accountable, he clearly spells out no consequences whatsoever for him or his flunkies, whatever else may occur.

no_slappz said...

At the top of NYC Educator's blog is the following witticism:

"Sacred cows make the best hamburger - Abbie Hoffman"

NYC Educator is apparently unaware that Mark Twain is the source of this quote, not Abbie Hoffman, 60s radical and kook.