Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Same Old UFT, Givebacks For The Members & Salary Increases For The Leadership

Last night the UFT Leadership voted itself the same 15% pay raise that the members received. Sounds like this is fair....Except the 15% raise to the UFT leadership came with only one minor giveback. The UFT offices will be open one hour extra once a week. Big deal! What did the members giveback for their 15% raise?

1. 37.5 minute tutoring session four days a week and you can have up to ten students for each
tutoring session. Furthermore, you can have as much as 20 students in a classroom if you
share the classroom with another teacher.

2. The introduction of administrative duties such as hallway, cafeteria, & bathroom duties.
These non-professional duties are an insult to all teachers.

3. The elimination of grievences when given a letter-to-the file.

4. The eliminating of senority transfer rights. The Open Market Transfer System will result in many of the older, more experienced teachers being forced to stay at their own schools as
principals select younger, less experienced teachers for the open teaching positions.

5. The possibility of being suspended without pay based upon a simple student accusation.

6. The giving up of three days (two for classroom instruction) making our year 190 days, the
most ever!

Now you don't need to be a rocket scientist that giving back one hour, one day a week is in no way equal to the major teacher givebacks that our leadership negotiated away.

Will Leo Casey check for Unity bathroom passes at the UFT bathroom? No!!!
Will JColletti make sure that the people using the UFT cafeteria is limited to 45 minutes? No!!
Will Peter Goodmen patrol the hallway to ensure the UFT members are in their offices? No!!
Will Randi and her leadership gang using the extra time to tutor the students? Of course not!!

In fact, except for the extra hour, one day a week, of attendance with undefined duties, the UFT leadership will be getting the same 15% as it's members. Is this fair? Of course not but this is the UFT where they are more concerned in protecting their backroom deals with the DOE (new teacher stipends, large high school discrimination, & special education bias to name a few) than protecting the teacher who pays the dues.

Where is the union that is supposed to represent the teachers and not themselves? It certainly is not the Unity faction that leads the UFT. What about the other factions (ICE, TJC, UTF)? I just don't know but my vote will go to the faction that I believe best represents the classroom teacher,


Test-hating teacheroo said...

There's another side to the "duties are so unprofessional" coin. The presence of teachers in hallways, cafeteria, etc. sends a strong message of unity to the kids, and sets the bar for acceptable behavior. There is no stronger or more professional message about school "ownership" or standards than this.

Management (lack of)/order (lack of)/fights (prevalence of)/ seem like a major impediment to instruction in NYC schools, yet in every school I've been in and with every teacher I've talked to, this issue is considered to be everyone's fault *but* the teachers'.

The amount of finger-pointing and blame-shifting that goes on the NYC schools is flabbergasting, especially around the issues of discipline. All the duties you mention should be *everyone's* responsibility.

Unless, of course, you're more interested in being right than in turning the schools around.

NYC Educator said...

It's amazing that they award themselves all of the benefits and none of the givebacks, then get all huffy when we complain about their indffectual leadership.

Chaz said...

test-hating teacher:

Really? First, your not a teacher. Second, your spin on why these unprofessional duties help set a bar for student behavior is a crock. A teacher sets the bar for student behavior in the classroom, during tutoring, and serving as a coach/club advisor. This is how a teacher serves as a role model to the students. Not doing unprofessional duties that insults 99% of all teachers.