Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Chancellor's Failing Grade

I just checked off my survey and not surprisingly I found myself strongly disagreeing with Chancellor Klein's policy. In other words Chancellor Klein's initiatives was given a grade of "F"! I suspect that except for a few clueless newbie teachers, a smattering of "Teach For America" two year wonders, and an isolated "Teaching Fellow", the grade I gave the Chancellor is the grade that the rest of the teachers will be giving him as well.

Under the Kleinberg "children last" program we have seen little or no improvement in children's test scores, micromanagement of the classroom, destruction of large traditional schools, incompetent "Leadership Academy Principals with little classroom experience, increased teacher disrespect, and low morale."Furthermore, why hasn't Tweed reduced class size despite the money from CFE? Where is it going? I will not even go into the ATR crises and the "rubber room" overcrowding that wastes up to 146 million dollars a year.

I envision that the UFT will publish the results on the front page of the New York Teacher newspaper. Nice, but who other than a few teachers read it? The best that you can expect is a small paragraph buried on page 12 of the daily tabloids. This is inadequate and will not embarrass Chancellor Klein or his non-educrats. However, if Randi Weingarten is really serious about challenging the Chancellor. Try this approach.

A full page advertisement in all the New York City newspapers announcing the Chancellor's grade and why the teachers voted the way they did. Our union can certainly afford it. Further, Randi should be making a public relations blitz on all local news shows on why the teachers believe the Chancellor is destroying New York City public schools. Certainly, Randi is very good at talking a good game, this should be right up her alley. Moreover, let the local press interview teachers who could explain why Chancellor Klein's course is bad for the public schools.

Finally, Randi should adopt the slogan "Chancellor Klein's Children Last Program" showing the damage the Chancellor has done to the classroom. For example, the failure to reduce school and classroom overcrowding, the waste of talented and experienced teachers as substitutes, and the collaterial damage done to the students when their teacher is removed based on false, frivolous, and twisted accusations, or for minor incidents.

It's time for our Union to send out the attack dogs and expose Chancellor Klein for what he is. An anti-teacher, pro- charter school politician that does not serve the public school students.


Anonymous said...

They will do all of these things that you suggest and it will do nothing. Until we get up and walk out of the schools in masse, nothing will change.

FidgetyTeach said...

I couldn't have said it better myself... and you definitely said it better!

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that there is no real accountability by the DOE. They can do what they want, how they want.

Walking out of the schools is the last resort because of penalties under the "Taylor Law".

NYC Educator said...

One thing I strongly agreed with--the first question which said the Chancellor had a clear vision for public schools. I've no doubt that's true, though he can't simply announce that he wants to close them all down and fire all union employees.

You have to admit, though, that it would free up a lot of cash to build sports stadiums.

Anonymous said...

F*** the Taylor law! Grow a backbone teachers and stop taking s***!

Chaz said...

Backbone? Then why are you posting as anonymous???

I'm not trying to insult you but you can't expect teachers to come forward when you don't.