Friday, April 24, 2009

NYC Fails To Close The Education Gap Between Whites And Minorities. Chancellor Klein Blames The Teachers & Principals Not His Failed Education Policy

In a report by a management consulting group, McKinsey & Company, found that the academic gap between white and minoritygroups persists in New York City. The study by the business group stated the following:

In New York City, an analysis of 2007 federal test scores for fourth graders showed strikingly stratified achievement levels: While 6 percent of white students in city schools scored below a base achievement level on math, 31 percent of black students and 26 percent of Hispanic students did. In reading, 48 percent of black students and 49 percent of Hispanic students failed to reach that base level, but 19 percent of white students did.

The McKinsey report did not specify why the academic gap between whites and minorities persist. However, our non-educator Chancellor, Joel Klein, found the usual scapegoats. The New York Times reported on the Chancellor's comments about the report in yesterday's paper.

The New York City schools chancellor,
Joel I. Klein who introduced the findings at the National Press Club in Washington, said the study vindicated the idea that the root cause of test-score disparities was not poverty or family circumstances, but subpar teachers and principals.

Really? family history and poverty are not an issue? What planet is he from? Oh, I forgot he is from DOE's bizarre world where up is down, right is wrong, and bad is good. If Joel Klein's statements are even remotely true then one only needs to look at the failed education policy he and Bloomberg have imposed on the NYC Public Schools. Remember, Harry Truman stated "the buck stops here" when it came to important policy decisions. Unfortunately, in the bizarre world of the DOE it is easier for the decision makers to blame the people in the trenches than the leadership at Tweed. In other words, the Tweed motto is "pass the buck".

"Children Last" continues.


NYC Educator said...

Actually it's only pass the buck when it comes to accountability. The mayor demands absolute power with no checks or balances, and does not want to see a PEP that could possibly outvote him and his puppet chancellor. Truman had to deal with that nasty legislature and court, but Mayor Mike has no problem overturning popular elections whenever it strikes his fancy.

Anonymous said...

let's see a survey on how many children do homework. Klein has to blame the easiest link on the food chain; the teacher.This is part of his propaganda to get rid of teachers. How about a big tv screen in every classroom instead of teachers? then he can blame the tv set.

Anonymous said...

Francisco Garabitos for UFT Presdient, he knows how to defend members rights!

norm said...

See howmuch McKinsey and Company stands to make by making the achievement gap a big issue.

yomister said...


I'm unable to find your citation from the McKinsey report. I do see that the predictive outcomes based on NYC data, but not the quote you state. I'd really appreciate it if you could point me to it, as I use this report with my grad students.