Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Didn't Think Getting The Two Days Off Before Labor Day Were Free? Did You? Not With Randi Doing The Negotiating.

Unless you are living under a rock, the UFT and the Bloomberg administration came to an agreement that eroded "newbie teacher" pension and retiree health benefits and in return, we gained the two days before Labor Day. While, I don't really like having the union "eating its own" it is preferable than what Randi and gang did to us in 2005. When I first read the UFT press release I thought it was great that we got back the two days that we should have never given up until I read the ICE blog with James Eterno and the JD2718 blog I could not believe that for the two days the existing teachers will have to pay for them!

How are we going to pay for it? Simple. Our fixed income fund returns was reduced from 8.25% to the New York State minimum of 7%. This reduction of 1.25%, effective when the Governor signs off, is a significant loss of interest and will tempt participants to put their TDA money in more risky funds. The reduction in the TDA fixed income interest rate results in a 0.5% annual savings to the City. However, gaining the two days before Labor Day costs the City 1.08%. Therefore, we owe the City 0.58% which will be taken out of our pay raise in the next contract, probably by the end of the summer.

This wasn't in the UFT press release but is included in the actual agreement with the City and can be found here. Again the UFT has tried to mislead its members. Our union failed to mention part 5 of the agreement in their press release that spells out how all teachers will have to fund the two days by reducing the TDA fixed income interest rate and giving up part of a salary increase in the next contract.

You would think that giving up 2.5 billion dollars in health and pension benefits in the next 20 years would be enough to get back the two days before Labor Day. However, for the City and a compliant union it was obviously not.


NYC Educator said...

What do you mean, gaining the days costs the city? Doesn't it save them money? And what the hell is the 0.58%?

Please explain this stuff.

Chaz said...
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Chaz said...

nyc educator:

I know that you are joking about paying for the two days. However, it is beyond my understanding why we should have to pay for them.

Anonymous said...

Hello -

I'm taking the liberty of posting an unrelated e-mail message I received on one of my listservs and the response I posted.

Washington D.C. is seeking to recruit "teacher evaluators," aka gestapo and kapos, to destroy their teachers.

They are reaching out to New York City teachers to travel to and live in DC for 11 months for $90,000 in order to murder the careers and wellbeing of many DC teachers and their families.

NYC public school teachers are being asked to collaborate with the Enemy, to sell their souls to the devil for some shekels, rubles, pieces of silver. NYC public school teachers are being asked to betray their own teachers' unselfish souls to participate in the ruination of their DC brethren.

I post my response first, and then the shameful advertisement.

Please read what follows. I think it is important that we understand what is happening to all of us.


I'm sending it in 2 parts because it is too long to be accepted in full.

This first "comment" is my response. The second "comment" will be their advertisement.

Thanks for your patience.

Here goes:
I wrote:

Michelle Rhee, the superintendent in DC, is among the most pernicious, dangerous and destructive-to-educators people in power in education today. She has already destroyed the lives of many principals and teachers, and she is one of the prototypes the greedy corporations and other money-grabbers have recruited to destroy public education (and indeed ALL education) in this nation.

This specific position is one which facilitates harassing and badly, badly injuring teachers, Roberto. These "teacher evaluators" will function as particularly deadly individuals whose sole job is to shadow, haunt, interrogate, negatively criticize and irreparably harm the careers, self-esteem, and overall health and wellbeing of many teachers who are doing unselfish and noble work.

They are being hired as "hit men" and "hit women" whose sole purpose is to help first severely harass, and ultimately terminate, men and women who are devoting themselves to the education and guidance of children.

The verbiage utilized to advertise and promote this horrific job is deceptive and dishonest, sir.

I am deeply, deeply disturbed that DC has reached out to New York City teachers, already suffering severely under draconian conditions in their own imploding system.

(signature of sender)

Anonymous said...

This is the advertisement from D.C.:


> For Experienced Teachers.

> I'm working with the Office of the Chancellor and the Human Resources office at DC Public Schools to conduct a nationwide
search for the best and brightest educators we can find to fill the Master Educator positions we are currently hiring for.

> My colleague recently posted a job listing for the Master
Educator position on NYU's general career website. I am wondering if
there is any way to more directly reach out to graduate students in the Department of Teaching and Learning, perhaps through an email blast? I have included a
brief job description below my signature. If this is possible,
> please let me know.

> Thank you so much for your help.

> Sincerely,

> Alexis Morin
> Office of Recruitment and Selection
> Office of the Chancellor
> District of Columbia Public Schools
> cid:image001.jpg@01C9EA97.3C106B00
> Dear Educator,
> I'd like to invite you to apply for the new, highly selective "Master Educator" position in the District of Columbia Public Schools. As part of
its effort to become the highest performing urban school system in the nation, the DC Public Schools will be launching a new teacher evaluation system in the fall of 2009. One of the key elements of this new system will be the "Master Educator" role. Individuals serving in this role will have two primary responsibilities:

1) serve as impartial, third-party evaluators of teacher proficiency in the new DCPS Teaching and Learning Framework; and

2) provide targeted support to educators who need assistance.

> The salary for this full-time, 11-month position will be $90,000 plus benefits.
> We are looking for outstanding educators with at least five years of teaching experience in a low-income, urban school and a clear track record of success increasing student achievement.
> For more information before you apply, please visit, scroll down to Other Core Instructional Positions, and click on "Master Educator." This site is also where you can learn about other available positions with DCPS, including our new Teacher
Mentor and Instructional Coach roles.
> If you are interested in serving as a Master Educator, please apply at
> Be sure to select "Master Educator" on your application. Interested candidates must also email a copy
of their resume to with the subject line including their full name and the number of years they have taught. We will be reviewing
applications on a rolling basis and plan to have all positions filled by the beginning of August, so please submit your application as soon as possible.

> We aim to review all applications within two weeks of receipt.
> If you have any questions, please contact Andy Lowenthal at
> Thank you,
> Jason Kamras
> Director of Human Capital Strategy for Teachers 2005 National Teacher of the Year
> District of Columbia Public Schools
> 825 North Capitol Street NE, 9th Floor
> Washington DC 20002

Chaz said...

It sounds like PIP+ here. How disgusting and any teacher that accepts this position should be identified and let his/her peers know that this person is a sellout.

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