Thursday, July 15, 2010

"What Goes Around, Comes Around" As The Ex-Principal Of IS 141 Claims He Was Setup By Staff, Students, & Parents.

In an admittedly rare action. Parents, students, and teachers had forced the DOE to remove the Principal of IS 141 and to be subject to two separate 3020-a charges. The Principal, Anthony Aldorasi, was removed in February of 2007 on charges of harassing a male teacher, missing audiovisual equipment, and corporal punishment charges against three students. Interestingly, the article in the Queens Gazette claims he was cleared. However, the truth was he received a $6,000 fine, along with a ten day suspension. Cleared? I don't think so.

Interestingly, and incredibly the DOE apparently offered him his job back as principal of IS 141 but when he showed up at the school in March of 2008, he was met by a crush of media and very upset parents that he was coming back. He was eventually placed in Administrative positions and has now retired. When a teacher is found guilty, the DOE almost never puts that teacher back into the school. Another example of a double standard.

What's really ironic is in the past that principals are primarily responsible for pushing and removing teachers from their schools on various frivolous, embellished, twisted, or bogus charges and saw nothing wrong with the process. Now one Principal claims that he should not be subject to the same process that he previously had no problem with. Furthermore, he claimed he should have never been removed unless there was criminality involved. I guess he thinks the rules are different for him. All I can say to Mr. Aldorasi is "what goes around, comes around". Links to this story can be found Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.

Note: I do agree that no educator should be removed from their position unless criminality is involved but it must apply to all educators not just for Mr. Aldorasi.


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg reveals much about himself with all of his principal coverups-the scorched earth win-at-all-costs mentality.

And this man wants to be President?
He's a ruthless cut-throat thug.

Look at the tragic drowning case yesterday where the young inexperienced teacher is fired, and the principal MORE responsible for this tragedy is merely put on probation . . . can you believe this?

Bloomberg can't publicly admit he makes mistakes and is human?

Principals are misbehaving at an alarming rate, and why?

Because they can . . . it's open season on the working man, while the management class gets a pass .

Anonymous said...

“…whenever any Form of Government (Administrative Snakes in Suits) becomes destructive (Threats, Intimidation, Coersion, Extortion, Discrimination) of these ends, it is the Right of the People (Teachers) to alter or to abolish it (Drop Dimes)…” TJ

Anonymous said...


Figures don't lie, liars figure.

Chaz said...

Anon 2:48

Figures do lie. Just look at the high school graduation rates. Would you want this person to work for you?

I think not.

From the NYPost said...

"This is happening all over the city, especially at closing schools," said Leonie Haimson, executive director of Class Size Matters. "If you're a principal or a teacher and your chances of getting another job depend on how many kids you successfully graduate, the vast majority will give these kids credit, whether they deserve it not,"
That's exactly what a Lafayette teacher did, describing "coercion" by an assistant principal.
"I was told to consider raising a failing grade because the principal might not give me a favorable recommendation," said the distraught teacher, who admitted changing a final grade of 55 to 65.

Unknown said...

Follow the Chicago Teacher Union Daily Blog

Unknown said...

Follow the Chicago Teacher Union Daily Blog