Friday, April 01, 2016

My Interview With Mikey.

I interviewed a union leader who is known as "Mikey".  He is the President of one of the most powerful unions in the State and I thought it was time to interview such a powerful figure.  Mikey is running against two other Presidential candidates and its time to find out all about Mikey.

Chaz:  Mikey how do you respond to many of the member complaints that you are arrogant and disconnected to them?

Mikey:  Screw them.  I do as I please and if the membership does not like it, that's just too bad.

Chaz: You negotiated an inferior contract in 2014 that was short on raises and back loaded money owed as far away as 2020.  Do you think that the members were unhappy with your negotiation?

Mikey:  How can they complain?  I got them their undeserved 8% raises, didn't I?  So what, they have to wait up to six years to be made whole? They will get their money, as long as they don't die.

Chaz:  Isn't it true you pissed off the other unions with a cheap contract and made the Bill de Blasio Administration look good at the expense of the Municipal employees, including your own members?

Mikey: Who gives a shit what the other unions and my membership think?  I needed to get in the good graces of the new Mayor after supporting another failed candidate.  If that means making some enemies of other unions, its still all about what's best for me.

Chaz:  Why is it that you negotiated the only contract with the City that contained "givebacks", making ATRs a second class citizen, and not paying members who resigned or were terminated the money they were owed?

Mikey:  I wanted the City to support me in my political ambitions and if it means sacrificing some useless members, so be it.

Chaz:  You brag about having a close relationship with the Chancellor while she has continued most of the Bloomberg Era policies and retained 80% of  the employees and failed to remove the 400 principals she claimed shouldn't be in charge of their schools..  Is it any wonder that your members see little real change in their hostile working environment?

Mikey: Remember, its all about what's good for me not what's good for my membership. Get that straight.

Chaz:  What happens when one of your party member disagrees with you?

Mikey: They are always free to disagree with me but they never do as my 800 strong voting bloc always agrees with me.

Chaz:  Why didn't you want to debate the other Presidential opponents?

Mikey:  I could have won the debate hands down but I didn't want to embarrass the other candidates by my obvious superiority and grasp of the facts.

Chaz:  Don't you think the membership has the right to see the debate?  The Democrats and Republicans have debates, shouldn't your union do the same?

Mikey: I have better things to do like supporting Common Core, junk Science, and helping the Chancellor combat the "opt out" movement as testing is important to evaluate teachers.

Chaz:  Have you bothered to poll your members on many of the issues you support like the Al Sharpton led march against fellow union members?

Mikey:  I do as I please and if the members don't like it then vote me out.

Chaz: Will you commit to democratize the union and make it more transparent?

Mikey: You mean direct vote for District Representatives?

Chaz:  Yes.

Mikey:  Me and my inner circle knows what's best for me, oops I mean the members.  We will select all union representatives above the Chapter Leader level.

Chaz:  You come off as a tough guy but your many critics say you are a wimp when negotiating with the City and State on member rights.  An example is the teacher evaluation system.

Mikey: Didn't I threaten to punch people in the face when I defended the Common Core?  I am a tough guy and I know what's best for the members.

Chaz:  Thank you for your time.

Mikey: Remember increase your COPE contribution, quail and booze are getting more expensive.

Note:  Remember, its April Fool's Day and the above interview should be taken in the spirit of the day.


Anonymous said...

Funny but true when it comes to Mikey. Chaz, your blog is a godsend.

Philip Nobile said...

For an inside look at Mulgrew, tune in to Jim Callaghan's beautiful j'accuse on youtube --

Anonymous said...

I've been celebrating since yesterday afternoon when I left the shithole I've been in for a month. Now I've found out I'm going to a worst place. The Bronx is one huge nightmare. I have to get the fuck out of this ATR bullshit or I'm going to have a mental breakdown.

Anonymous said...

Can you do a piece on the false APPR complaint page? Several teachers I know have filled it out, printed copy for their Principals, and then the UFT doesn't respond. It's an absolute trap. Members just left in the wind. Worst thing to do to a teacher.