Monday, September 04, 2017

A Utah High School Fines Students Who Show Up Late For Class.

Most schools I have been in the last decade have a similar problem.  Students taking their ever loving time to show up for class.  Even in the small schools, students can't seem to move quickly enough from one classroom to the next to make it on time to the classroom, despite being given 3 to 5 minutes to do so.

Well one Utah high school has decided to do something about it.  Students that show up late to class during the school day are fined.  The first offense is a warning.  The second offense cost the student $3 and every following lateness cost the student $5.  Students that cannot afford the fines will be given lunch detention and clean-up duties.   Interestingly, during the first two weeks of the school's lateness policy saw students getting to class on time and the hallways were empty as the late bell rang.  So far not one student has been fined and only a few warnings have been issued,  You can read the story Here.

Obviously parents and students were not too happy with the school's lateness policy and believe its too draconian.  However, school staff and administration are supportive of the lateness policy and the potential monetary penalty has, so far,  curbed student lateness and added more instruction time to the classroom.   It will be interesting if the policy lasts the year and how it affects student academic achievement.


Anonymous said...

"so far no one has been fined" its just another example of the endless "empty" threats that we tell students. we have taught children that yes, you can and will get away with most poor and even bad behavior choices because we feel bad for you and we are too focused and going against each other. eg. the atr supervisors and the doe. we have too much compassion and too little consistency. last year 3 5th grade girls conspired, planned then attacked another girl in the hallway at dismissal. the ambulance had to be called. this was pre-meditated and brutal. hardly the mind of an innocent little child. they're punishment 5 days of iss. as the atr idiot in the building I had 2 of them. they had a great week doing little work because they're regular teacher had to ASSign them work everyday which consisted of 3 or 4 bullshit handouts and some phony reading. SOME PUNISHMENT. 1 of the girls was involved in another fight in the cafeteria during the "PUNISHMENT". "EMPTY" threats like our "EMPTY" heads!

Anonymous said...

Interesting approach!

We have a later schedule but lateness is still a huge concern. We also have scanning and cell phone collections. The teachers handle lateness in their classrooms and students are never blocked from classes.

Happy Labor Day!

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Anonymous said...

I have been in the same school for 9 years now. Lateness to school is such an issue for us. We've tried everything. Every new principal comes in talking about cracking the whip, and then they give up after 6 months. Students know we can do nothing.

Fail them? "Hold them accountable?"
We are the ones who will suffer the evil actions of our all-powerful overlords (admins) who quickly try to purge us from their ranks to keep their 'data' up.

Detention? They don't show up.
Community service, cleaning etc? - well, that's corporal punishment!
Parents? Hah! They claim to care but are busy and powerless.
Incentives? These only go to the good kids who already have good habits.

The students run the schools now. They know it. We know it.
The secret to saving your job is to go with the flow now.

Jorge is late - again? Overlook it and move on.
Aleidys is talking and not on task (always) pretend she is working.
Dequan is eating chicken wings in the corner that he had delivered to the front desk or went out to get (and was let back in) - act surprised by it and scold the kid when the admin walks in (and they always do when a kid is eating a full meal in your class).

Only 20% of the class does homework and only half do classwork? - hey the admins say you cannot fail a kid for lack of hw, and all classwork these days is now 'collaboration' and group 'work,' so you must pass everybody!

Admin gives you a crap schedule? Smile and say nothing.
Other teachers stick their neck out (to be chopped) and complain about something publicly (which admins take personally), look away and avoid the break room for a few weeks until that teacher has been fully broken and made an example of to others.

Hoard supplies you need for your classroom. Make your lessons and copies in advance. Do all the silly stuff you have to write on the board and bulletin boards and keep the kids busy, preferably with 'technology' based lessons (hah!)

If your admin gives you 3s and 2s, don't complain, in the end the MOSL will bump you up to Effective at year's end.

Do these things and you should be fine until you can escape the alternate reality which is the DOE.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chaz thank you for your interesting post. Allow me to summarize what would happen if New York City started fining students.
"Fining New York City students who are late to class would disproportionately affect minority students"!!! And there it is, the catchall phrase which will not allow any policies to take effect. Heaven forbid a disproportionate amount of minority students are affected. Heaven forbid!
The same catchall phrase was used when the discipline code was virtually eliminated. the same catchall phrase is used when only 10% of black and Latino students are accepted to specialized high schools when they make up 70% of the New York City student population. The discipline code was eliminated to protect black and brown students and the specialized high school exam will eventually be dumbed down so more black and brown students get accepted. Finng New York City students who are late to class? no shot in hell that will happen here because of the famous catchall phrase mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

10:49 got it right. I could not have said it better myself!

Joe said...

10:49 is pretty spot on lol

Anonymous said...

You hit it on the bullseye - you as the 'ATR idiot in the building' was assigned to babysit. School in Texas goes after the parent's legally. As an educator in the NYC DOE you get blamed for everything.

Anonymous said...

10:49 is my hero

Anonymous said...

hey Chaz
off topic here... I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on bereavement.
I found an NYC DOE memo that says no documentation is necessary to apply for bereavement but my payroll secretary is asking for proof of death. I have it - no problem but I was just wondering if she has the right to ask. also define bereavement - do the 3 meager days off have to be spent entirely in a funeral setting -- I wrote her an email and she said you have three days to attend a funeral - again not a problem just wondering about the benefit and the rights.
Thanks again Chaz for all your work.

retired teacher said...

I remember getting 5 days bereavement because the regulations allowed two days travel time and I needed to go to another state. I believe bereavement is considered non attendance. My principal at the time asked for nothing and offered his condolences. Times have changed.
I've said this before but I worked in four schools. in all of them there was a secretary who acted like a supervisor. ]

Ask to see the bereavement regulation in writing.

Anonymous said...

To 9:31, you are so right!

The 4-5 school secretaries who have come and gone, and both payroll secretaries I have worked with DO act like they are bosses and they lord it over us teachers. We talk about it amongst ourselves but don't know what we can do. If you push back, they can make your life miserable because the principal and APs also treat them like part of the Admin team.

Even some of our school aids, I am not kidding, boss us around and give directions like they own us. I'm in Queens and at least it is better than the south Bronx!

Anonymous said...

It's true about payroll secretaries and school aides, but don't allow it. Tell them if there is an issue to have the AP or principal speak with you. Nip it in the bud as the saying goes. Admin it seems tell the secretaries and school aides to deal with the ATRs that come into the building. You should be treated with respect and nicely. Also, speak with the UFT to make sure the secretary is giving you accurate information.

Anonymous said...

To 7:06

But the admins consider the office staff part of 'their' team. They also often meet together, eat together, etc. I have personally witnessed office staff whining to the principal about so-and-so teacher 'disrespecting' them, and the admin getting angry and protective. I have also witnessed the alleged incidents of 'disrespect' and in the four cases I can think of, the teacher was doing nothing more than standing up for themselves after being bossed around and/or talked down to.

We cannot win here folks. The UFT is also like a dead tiger now.

Unknown said...

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