Monday, May 07, 2018

The DOE Protects Violent Students And Punishes School Staff Who Try To Defend Themeselves.

Over the last few years I have been hearing more stories how the DOE will protect students who are violent while going after paraprofessionals and teachers who dare defend themselves by either restraining the student.or even yelling at the student to stop his or her disruptive behavior.

Under the Bill de Blasio administration, everybody knows the student discipline code has been drastically weakened and has resulted in fewer student suspensions.  On the other hand,  The DOE continues to assume school staff are guilty, when accusations are made against them by students.  This continues since the beginning of the Bloomberg era.  The result is that violent student behavior is not punished and staff are afraid to be physically and verbally discipline the violent student.

 The parents of the student was informed by the student that the para had assaulted him and contacted the Superintendent, who told the Principal to remove the para from the classroom, pending an investigation.  In this case  OSI asked the Principal to do the investigation and she found that the para did the right thing but after two months sitting in a small room and not allowed to leave until the school day was over (bathroom and lunch breaks excluded), he was transferred to another classroom.  What was the student's punishment?  None.
According to the DOE school staff accused by a student are assumed guilty and removed from the classroom.  Even when cleared they are not innocent and the false accusation is still sitting in a file at either OSI or SCI, just waiting, for another accusation so they can substantiate it by claiming a"pattern and practice".


Anonymous said...

I live in what is now regarded as a "trendy" part of Bklyn. I live here since I'm from here.

This Dope of a Mayor's decriminalization policies extend to the street. If you're allowed to hop the turnstyle freely,without any police enforcement, you're going to press the envelope on the next tier of crime, if you're predisposed to act in such a manner. Cops here are allowing all kinds of dangerous, criminal, and violent behavior to ensue, without chase, due to The Dope From Park Slope's idiotic theories.

I don't have time now to give you details, but cops look the other way around here in cases of violent muggings, etc....ESPECIALLY when the assailants are young blacks. They let them run away, even when they can easily arrest them.

We are going right back to the bad old 60's, 70's, and 80's here, with teens allowed to raise hell in schools, then released into the streets, where they continue their reigns of terror. Bye, bye NYC...again...and I'm not even speaking about the hardened criminals who are exploiting this stand down policy...

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether or not the teachers are always the one's being blamed, which we of course know that they are, it just amazes me how the DOE does absolutely nothing in removing problematic students. I remember dealing with a particular student who was extremely prone to violence. He had a low IQ, was emotional disturbed, and was extremely defiant and oppositional to authority. He would use fear to intimidate staff and other students. There was even a top female student that felt afraid of him. This kid (if I even want to call him that) was a concoction of the worst type of student. He deliberately threw expensive lab equipment on the floor when he couldn't get his way. There was another incident where he got upset about something that he entered the AP's office and purposefully barricaded himself between her and the door for whatever reason. It was a tiny little room. The police had to be called to the scene. Things like this traversed throughout the entire year and the principal did absolutely nothing about it. The school psychologist and one of the sped teachers had enough and fought profusely to get him out of the school and into a D-75 school. After a full year of filing out numerous paper work, garnering documents and speaking to various people they were successful. The only problem was that the kid's parents did not do their due diligence so the very next year things were right back where the started. The kid could not be formally admitted into the D-75 school because of that one issue, so the kid ended up right back in his old school where he caused so much ruccus to begin with. Thankfully he didn't want to return to his old school so he just decided to stay home for the year and never showed up.

Anonymous said...

Teachers need to become familiar with Education Law § 3210(1)(a) and Penal Law § 240.20.

If school administrators refuse to enforce these laws, then the Chancellor and Office of the General Counsel receive detailed emails.

It’s really that simple.

The DOE attorneys know that Federal judges take school discipline seriously.

See, Schwartz v. Schuker (298 F.Supp. 238).

Anonymous said...

We really need to clean the swamp at the DOE. I know we have said it before and Chaz has written numerous articles about draining the Bloomberg swamp at the DOE. In management 101 you are taught to treat your employees with respect and diligence but Bloomberg did neither and the DOE still has his cronies embezzled within the working cubicles at the DOE.

Bloomberg poisoned the system and we all now are pawns waiting for this new chancellor to smell the roses and clean the swamp.

Anonymous said...

Look, any cop who tries to enforce the law runs the risk of being called a "racist," no matter what they do or how gentle they are. If they do arrest someone, then the criminal justice and prison system is "racist."

Who wants to risk their pension, reputation and the safety of their families to enforce the values of Western Civilization on 'diverse' people?

Think of how in the schools we teachers are called racists if we tell Dequan to stop throwing his books out the window.
If we report him for fighting, stealing or anything else, now we go to circles mediation or some nonsense to stop the 'school to prison pipeline.'

We are told we need to be culturally competent and need extra trainings which amount to nothing more than: "So what if they yell, run around the room, not do any work and commit flagrant disrespect? They are from a 'vibrant' and 'diverse' cultural 'background' and thus learn 'differently.' You're just a 'privileged' evil racist-from-birth whitey who is beyond reform, even if you try.

We cannot win, you all realize that, don't you. In 50 years it will be the end of Rome all over again.

Anonymous said...

Way to go DeBlasio soon "shermheads" will be able to shoot up under supervision. I wonder if he got the inspiration from his daughter? Do we wonder why the schools are going to hell?

Shady said...

One of the reasons crime and sex assaults in school are up is mainly due to staff not getting involved and being proactive. Staff is not willing to walk the halls and staircases. Staff is not willing to engage students like previous decades. The reason more and more staff is not willing to get involved is mainly due to one thing. There is no support for staff who do get involved. The administration will sell you down a river. Investigations will go after you and you put your job on the line.

I tell all staff it is best not to get involved. You break up a fight between 3 girls jumping 1 girl and you get accused of touching a female student - you will get screwed and possibly terminated.

I know many asses that will disagree with me and start with their righteous BS speech. How can you allow 3 girls to kill another girl and not jump in? I did not say walk away but I simply said use your head. Do not put your job on the line for a system that will screw you over in 24 hours.

Shady said...

I had a friend was a great teacher
Back in a Bx high school
He could deliver a lessonl by you
Make you look like a science boy
Saw him the other night at this roadside bar
I was walking in, he was walking out
We went back inside sat down had a few drinks
But all he kept talking about was
Teachin days, well, they'll pass you by
Teachin days, in the wink of a young girl's eye
Teachin days, teachin days
Well there's a girl that lives up the block
Back in sup's office she could turn all the sups' heads
Sometimes on a Friday I'll stop by
And have a few drinks after she put her kids to bed
Her and her husband Bobby well they split up
I guess it's two years gone by now
We just sit around talking about the old times,
She says when she feels like crying
She starts laughing thinking about
Teachin days, well, they'll pass you by
Teachin days, in the wink of a young girl's eye
Teachin days, teaching days
My old man worked twenty years in Queens
And they let him go
Now everywhere he goes out looking for work
They just tell him that he's too old
I was nine years old and he was working at
Far Rockaway High School
Now he just sits on a stool down at the Legion hall
But I can tell what's on his mind
Glory days yeah goin back
Teachin days aw he ain't never had
Teachin Days Teaching Days

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate the mayor for his liberal white apologist guilt, this started with Bloomberg and weingarten.

De Blasio and mulgrew are just doing what we all need to do. Smile. Say everything is great and watch your back.

This system is not about teaching. This system is about survival.

During my peeps or lunch, if I hear kids screaming etc, I will walk down another staircase.

Also, I wait for hallways to clear before leaving the room.

You hide during your prep periods and smile and say yes to admin. Also, when an AP asks how things are, you smile and say great.

The doe does not care about us. We are babysitters. And we are disposable.

But I ask this. Where else can I make 6 figures and not do any work? And what other job punished you for working harder?

Oh, where else can I not work summers and get paid?

Having said that, if my daughter wants to go into teaching, I won’t pay a dime for her education. Haha

Anonymous said...

Love The Boss....cept hes another hypocritical libtard...I live how they just caught these super bleeding heart entertainers like Cynthia Nixon and Louis CK who have their kids attending that LILLY WHITE public school in the UWestSide...bullshit artists one and in our workd b4 u get holier than thou chumps...

Anonymous said...

ATRs are going to win that lawsuit, hands down. Tremendous evidence of discrimination.

Unknown said...

So this week is teacher appreciation week and the admins from my school got me a most thoughtful gift...a letter in my file!! After 33 years of service, receiving numerous commendations and letters of praise for service above and beyond with NO DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS OR LETTERS TO FILE, I now find myself in the twilight of my career defending a letter that is full of inconsistencies. I am certain that my beloved union will have little to offer in terms of a remedy although I am able to write a rebuttal...please! The state of education in this city is such that I am concerned for those new to the system who are at the whim of administration and am weary of those who are more interested in scoring points with admin to see how they are being played. I should mention that this letter comes on the heels of actions taken by myself through the chapter chairperson to end a longstanding violation of C6 duties. I am not sure where this will all end but I have just begun to fight!

Anonymous said...

3:43 Unfortunately you will be 3020a’ed, will win and turned into an ATR. This is in order to save the school your top salary. Fair Student Funding and it’s logical ramifications. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

They want to get rid of older teachers and replace you with a newbie.

Anonymous said...

Unqualified diversity hirees, anemic parents, and a new violent generation of students who have been allowed to run amok in almost every school in the systems adds up to utter dysfunction. Now, the new chancellor is talking about integrating the last vestiges of schools that actually achieve. I am so fed up to be a part of this pathetic institution it's embarrassing.

Shady said...

Do you guys remember when a couple of weeks ago I mentioned how a dean was removed from the school? Does anyone remember me saying I will not be a dean. Guess who was assigned dean responsibilities yesterday? Guess who is grieving? However, the union really is slow. I told the union I am not going to be a dean. I refuse to be a dean and I was assigned dean duties. The union could not do much but grieve this. Today things went from bad to worse.

I am in the hallway pretending to be a dean. I told a few students to move it along when one of the kids snapped. Started threatening me, yelling and cursing. Starts telling me, "Fuk u pussy. U soft. U fukin soft."

I know I should have walked away but this trash got to me. I yelled back, "I am not soft. I am hard. I am very hard. Come here and I will show you."

Well guess what? The principal and her lakeys are now testifying that what I said is considered sexual. Sexual? really? I was only responding to the idiot who called me soft. I will keep you guys posted as this story develops.

Anonymous said...

33 years. Be smart and retire

Shady said...

Just came on here to do some research and PD. Wanted to review some articles since I feel this site is educational and my principal walked in on me. She now reprimands me for illegal use of the internet and unprofessional misconduct. She wants me in her office "at 9 a.m. sharp'. By the way I am not sure if I am sick or normal but her tone and the way she carries herself turns me on.

Anonymous said...

Saul Alinsky, the Obama/Hillary commie heartthrob, stated in his Commie classic book that "Lucifer was the first radical"...and u wanna know why our schools and our streets are hell? Its all by design...all a the
so called "activists"...theyve just put the pedal to the metal since they r afraid of Trump...we now see the sharp fangs of the Totalitarian State which were just beneath the surface...until now...

waitingforsupport said...

Yes @ 7:35 pm, I agree with you. The bad news--don't count on your union. I think you will continue to be targeted until you are served with 3020a papers. If it happens, hire your own attorney. Good luck and try not to beat yourself up too much. I'm sure you're a wonderful teacher. This monster(Department of...) loves "aged meat" and people who speak up for themselves.

Anonymous said...

shady you beat the 3020 before
you can do it again.
atrs everywhere have faith in u

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately too many ATRs have their reputations ruined on sham disciplinary letters, and flyby observations thanks to our stupid Union.

waitingforsupport said...

@9:22 am...just pray. You'll be fine

Anonymous said...

Those that survive 3020A are usually targeted again, and harassed by Field Supervisors.

TJL said...

What's worse is our Union supports this nonsense, "Advisory" classes, "restorative justice", etc. that puts all of us (teachers, students and staff) in danger and sacrifices academics in favor of pseudo-therapeutic claptrap.

Everyone needs to go to Breitbart and read the articles "Broward School Officials: Parkland Gunman Assigned to Deferred Disciplinary Program Supported by Obama" and "Broward County Officials Now Admit Nikolas Cruz Was Assigned to PROMISE School Leniency Program". This is the end result of this nonsense. We saw it in the Bronx at the beginning of the year as well.

Anonymous said...

The DOE is too busy firing older teachers.

Shady said...

@ 8:09 T.J. L. Yes, very true. "Restorative Justice" is the biggest BS ever. We all don't agree with Bloomberg/Klein but they did allow school to suspend kids. They had schools under control. Now, it is a free for all BS system where kids run the schools and we watch. Bill/Carmen what a waste of time. They want zero suspensions. Well, this is why they have blood on their hands. Carmen should be on trial for the Zoo School tragedy. Even though some say those bullies got what they deserved.
Carmen took the system back to 1992 which ironically is the same year we had our last murder in schools. Unless kids are held accountable for their actions the kids won't learn. Carmen wanted to reduce suspensions because more minorities were getting suspended. WELL FUCKIN IDIOT - we have more minorities in our schools. How can we suspend more whites if we have less of them??? Plus, who is suspending kids based on color? Kids acts up and you suspend him.

Anonymous said...

If you are in your 50s, and you speak up they will target you.

Anonymous said...

FariƱa has allowed Leadership Principals to destroy careers of good experienced teachers.

Anonymous said...

My advice is to use FOIL
Get all incident reports OORS
Credit card statements and receipts for your school expenditures
All personnel files for all admins in your building .
I just got notification that info I foiled is being processed.

Keep these records in your lockbox ready to fire off when needed .It buys time and gets your admin investigated.

Blow whistles. If u are being attacked then attack back.

File discrimination with human rights.

I FOIL and I feel power. Hit em hard.

Happy mothers day yall

Anonymous said...

Why don't you videotape the zoo animals in action. Then send it to channel 7.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste time filing your case with the EEOC or Division of Human Rights. I did and both said I didn't have a case. ( Age Discrimination ). I went to court and the DOE offered a very generous settlement, which I gladly accepted. I wasted almost a year with the EEOC and SDHR and in three months my case was settled in court. A big thank you to Bryan Glass. If you have a case against the DOE he is the man to go to. Knows more than all the DOE lawyers combined.