Sunday, July 29, 2018

Chancellor Richard Carranza Has Been A Disappointment So Far.

Half the summer has passed and its time to evaluate Chancellor Richard Carranza..  Here is what I evaluated the Chancellor on:
  • Cleaning out the Bloomberg era policymakers at the DOE.
  • Eliminate "fair student funding".
  • Resolving the ATR situation.
  • Removing misbehaving and vindictive principals.
  • Removing the many incompetent Superintendents.
  • Reduce the administrative bloat at the DOE.
  • Reduce teacher observations to two per year. 
  • Eliminate the hostile classroom environment.
  • Lower class sizes.
Cleaning out the Bloomberg era policymakers at the DOE:
So far Chancellor Richard Carranza has failed to do any "Spring cleaning" and the Bloomberg era policymakers remain in place.  Grade "F".

Eliminating fair student funding:
The 800 pound guerilla is fair student funding that discriminates against experienced teachers and incentivizes principals to "hire the cheapest and not the best teachers for their schools". 

Resolving the ATR situation:
Presently, the new Chancellor has done nothing to solve the ATR situation for the next school year.  Grade "F".

Removing misbehaving and vindictive principals:
Under the new Chancellor we have seen a few principals removed when their misdeeds were exposed by the newspapers.  Otherwise, little has changed,  Grade "C".

Reduce the administrative bloat at the DOE:
The new Chancellor failed to reduce the administrative bloat at the DOE.  In fact, he added a layer of bureaucracy by appointing a group of Super Superintendents that will oversee the other Superintendents and will cost 2.5 Million dollars!  Grade "F".

Reduce teacher observations to two per year.
So far Chancellor Richard Carranza has not offered to change the number of observations or the Charlotte Danielson evaluation.  Grade "F".

Eliminate the hostile classroom environment.
The new Chancellor claims he is teacher friendly but only time will tell if it translates to actions in the classroom like "let teachers have autonomy on instructing their students.   Grade "C".

Reducing class sizes:
There s no indication that Chancellor Richard Carranza will reduce class sizes the next school year.  Grade "F".

Final grade "D-".


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of going into work and feeling that my admins are looking for any excuse to fire me.

What's worse, they are incentivised to want to do that. It makes them look 'tough' and they get praise from their higher ups.

I hate even more that our job protections have been so weakened that it is now easier to railroad a teacher out for no reason other than they dislike you.

Between the terrorism of the Danielson's 'system,' which is designed to keep people on edge, the talking down tone admins do now, the traitorous younger teachers who have been brainwashed into thinking anyone over 35 is an evil racist, out-of-touch and lazy buffoon and the awful paperwork and PD requirements - how can this profession survive as a career?

Anonymous said...

hey chaz how stupid do you look for hoping other wise! I took the so called (by you) pathetic buyout and im happy as a pig in shit!! speaking of shit enjoy another year working for the worst system in the nation. ITS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

Chaz said...

Anon 12:31

Glad you're happy. Of course you missed out on a 3% raise, contributing $18,500 to your TDA at 7% interest, and enhancing your pension.

Anonymous said...

Carmen is still in charge. He’s a puppet.

Shady said...

@12:31 p.m. and @Chaz 1:25 p.m.
Not sure what you are both arguing about? If @12:31 you have done your time, took the buyout and left happy then good for you. Congratulations!!! @Chaz If you want to or have to stay for another year or two and decide to try to get the buyout in a future year then that is best for you.

I do not think there is a right and wrong time. It all depends on the person's needs. For some teachers they decided to leave this year with no buyout because they needed one more year or two. This doesn't make them wrong.

Anonymous said...

I just recently wrote a long detailed letter to the new chancellor. In my letter I covered ground such as my own personal misfortune in the DOE, disparity of the treatment of teachers vs. inept principals, and what needs to be done in order to effect meaningful change within the DOE. Of course he never wrote back to me. I give up at this point. The DOE deserves exactly what it gets.

Chaz said...


I agree with your comment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Carmen is still collecting a paycheck. This is her 53rd year. But she was the one who was banging on the drum about how teaching is not a job for life and how when she visits a school she wants the principal to give her 2 names and when she comes to visit again in 6 months they should be gone! Right Carmen ? Isn't that what you went on the record saying? Well when are YOU going to be gone? Still collecting the dole! Useless, dinosaur!

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell because it is so early, but most likely, there will be a lot of time spent on school climate issues, more attention to diversity issues, a fight over school segregation, more pressure to meet the needs of the most at-risk students.

It will be interesting if all of the Executive Sups are from outside NYC rather than recycled NYC admins. We are supposed to know before Sept.

So far, no sign of "draining the swamp" of Tweed, changing Danielson, improving school budgets, or impacting schools or classrooms positively.

Anonymous said...

Chaz, you will never be satisfied with this doesn't matter who runs it or who makes the always focus on the negative....why not focus on some positive aspects of education in NYC.....many of the people who post on this blog bitch and moan too much....way too much.....people making six figure salaries who only work 180 days out of the year bitching and moaning like children...a number who have telegraphed their racism utter bullshit....

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:45 P.M.:

Did you appeal the Chancellor’s nonresponse to the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP)?

Did you share your letter with City politicians such as the Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller, and City Council Education Committee?

Are you prepared to attend a PEP meeting and read excerpts from your letter in public?

Anonymous said...

With mayoral control, why bother having a chancellor. Chancellor is a puppet, at the whim of a moronic mayor, be it bloomturd, or the dope from park slope.

Shady said...

@10:00 p.m. Yes, Carmen is still working 2 to 3 days a week. She is visiting schools and telling principals what to do and who to u-rate. Two principal friends of mine told me this and I verified that one week ago she was emailing principals. This is the biggest disgrace in the DOE. You retire and still hang on to F up more schools and careers. How is this possible?

Unknown said...

Anon 6:56, can you provide contact information with all of the following ?

Anonymous said...

I thought you wrote, "who to

Anonymous said...


So then dont visit this site. Plain and simple. Just because something is negative doesnt mean that the information being discussed isnt true and accurate information. If you wish to turn a blind eye to all the negative then feel free to do so. Otherwise nobody is interested in your opinion and nobody really cares either.

Anonymous said...

you can tell when its august in nyc. the nasties take over. yes your POS school year is right around the corner. look on the bright side only 186 long days until next summer.

Anonymous said...

Its so easy to bash DOE and school administrators. Chaz, do you "expose" poor teachers as well? I hate websites like yours where you are quick to point out flaws of administrators, valid or not, while you implicitly imply that all teachers are great.

Shady said...

@10:29 So true there are too many people who focus on the negative and not enough about the positive. For example, I always focus on the positives and the great things I have accomplished. Here are samples:

1. I get extra money to proctor regents and my proctoring regents results are always 90 percent passing.
2. Two years ago my principal told me he'd u-rate me unless I pass 90 percent. I ended up passing 100 percent.
3. The bloods honored me at luncheon which I could not attend.
4. A student punched me in the face and I got paid for a year to stay home.

Let me know about all of your success stories?

Shady said...

I am just curious. If in prison usually the toughest leads the prison or the gang. If in sports usually the captain is the best player.

I often wonder but I am afraid to email the chancellor and ask. "If the DOE is full of incompetency - does that make the Chancellor as our leader the most incompetent?" Or maybe the same law would not apply? I apologize to all those who love the Chancellor. I am actually referring more to the former older white male chancellor named Carmen or something. I do not know this current chancellor.

Shady said...

@ Shady - Oh Shady, you are so delusional and crazy. Plus, now look you are actually talking to yourself.

Anonymous said...

From Anon 6:56 PM:

The main email address for the Panel for Educational Policy is:

The names of the individual members are at:

To get each member’s email address, click on his or her name on the above webpage.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s email address is:

Public Advocate Letitia James’ email address is:

Comptroller Scott Stringer’s email address is:

The Speaker of the City Council is Councilman Corey Johnson and his email address is:

The Speaker appoints the Chairs of the individual Committees.

The Chair of the City Council Education Committee is Councilman Mark Treyger and his email address is:

The former Chair of the City Council Education Committee (who is still a member of the Committee and who is currently the Chair of the City Council Finance Committee) is Councilman Daniel Dromm and his email address is:

For a listing of all members of the City Council Education Committee, see:

Anonymous said...

Is there a rule now that the top leaders in urban institutions have to be anyone but a straight, white, non-immigrant male?