Thursday, February 21, 2019

Will The New Contract Stop Oversized Classes? I Hope So

One of the potential improvements of the new contract is the elimination of oversized classes in a timely period.  The new UFT contract requires that oversized classrooms must be quickly arbitrated.

Previously, schools could apply for exemptions for class sizes, which ranged from 16 for pre- kindergarten to 34 in high schools.  When the union did push for arbitration, the arbitration could take months to be scheduled and very little was accomplished. See the frustration NYC Educator had in his school.

Under the new contract the union can take the DOE to an arbitrator immediately.  If the arbitrator sides with the union, the decision is binding,.  The overcrowded class must be lowered to contractual limits within 5 days. First, any oversized class will be submitted to the Superintendent to resolve, if that fails, then there will be immediate arbitration to address the overcrowded classroom.  No longer can the DOE delay until the issue becomes irrelevant.

It looks like the union contract adequately handles the oversized classroom issue.  However, let's see if the DOE actually abides by it and if not, what will the UFT do about it?


Anonymous said...

HAHA. they said this 15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I would bet any amount of money that the majority of teachers have no idea what is in the new contract; including most chapter leaders.

Anonymous said...

This isn't really lowering class size. This is just enforcing the contract the way it should be enforced on principals. High School teachers can still have 5 classes with 34 students in each one equaling 170 students in total. The first thing Diblassio should have done with the Renewal schools is cap classes at 25 in all Renewal schools. How can you give individual attention to 34 students at once? We're the only profession where you have to deal with multiple clients at once. How many lawyers or doctors do you know that deal with 34 clients or patients all in one room at the same time?