Saturday, May 04, 2019

Why Is Forest Hills High School Principal, Ben Sherman, Still In Charge?

Despite all the uproar and staff vote of no confidence, Principal Ben Sherman, is still in charge of Forest Hills High School.  He walks the halls, observes teachers, and runs the school as he pleases, despite the bad publicity and calls by parents, staff, and students for his ouster.

Now I hear that his eleven Assistant Principals voted 11-0 of no confidence joining the Forest Hills High School staff in how they feel about Principal Ben Sherman.

Despite the no confidence votes, the DOE continues to keep Ben Sherman in his position as Principal of the high school.  The question is why?


Anonymous said...

removing him based on ALL you crybabies complaining about how terrible he is opens up the possibility for many other pricipukes to be shown the door. the doe will remove him only when they choose thus just another way they show you all who is really in charge!!!!

Anonymous said...

Easy answer. His school has the numbers and that's all that matters to the doe. Look at all the other principals that remain.

Anonymous said...

Why is Dwarka still in charge when the school is getting worse and worse?

Anonymous said...

Dwarka reminds me of Bogarts "Capt. Queeg" in the Cain mutiny......deeeranged. At least Sherman has a sense of direction and purpose.

Anonymous said...

Why is the UFT silent about these Principals that are causing so much damage?

The Ape of Reason said...

The schools are being destroyed by despots like Sherman, Dwarka, and others. Sherman's purpose is to undermine, demean, control. The only stat that is pushed is graduation rates. Truth is the grads are not held accountable for anything while in school.

Anonymous said...

The purpose, l believe of retaining these tyrannical diabolical principals is to eventually get ride of ALL tenured seasoned staff members to pave the way for the establishment of Charter schools of which many are not unionized. They're ALL in cohoots!!!

Anonymous said...

To 9:45

Sherman runs schools that are highly functional. Dwarkas graduation stats are abysmal.

Anonymous said...

I work for Namita Dwarka, and she's as centered as President Trump.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently working for Dwarka. She is deluded; the Capt Queeg analogie is absolutely appropriate. Hey Namita, did you find those strawberries?

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

The mess stewards ate them

Anonymous said...

Chaz, please look into Laura Van Deren, the principal of HS For Law Enforcement and Public Safety. She's one of the worst of the worst but flies under the radar. Superintendent Juan Mendez protects her for some reason. There are plenty of staff, especially her payroll secretary that can attest to the money she steals and the lives she ruins. She deserves an article unto herself. Terrible. Plus the school has completely tanked since she took over. I'm certain there was never a C30 for her as well. More corruption gone unchecked.

Anonymous said...

Juan Mendez shouldn't be in charge of anything.

Anonymous said...

Laura van deren should not be charge of a school. I was an atr there for a year. The building is great the staff is great but she has no control. The kids laugh at her. They don’t listen to her. They only see her when the superintendent comes in and they know it. They smoke weed in halls. She is never around if you need help. They have two deans and it’s not enough. Kids cursing at teachers and she does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Things are getting worse in most schools but the UFT does not do anything unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

juan mendez? look at district 24 Magdalene Chan she has the highest suspensions in the city. And the highest hispanic suspensions in the city.
The school in NYC with the highest suspensions is located in her own office building! She is clearly sleeping at the wheel.
Click on the link for 2018-2019 suspension reports you can see any school in the city. Highest suspensions in city are in district 24.

Where is Carranza?Mulgrew?
If you are a African american female or Hispanic female chances are you too have gotten a letter in your file or a negative rating from her.

Anonymous said...

Mendez you really screwed our schools by putting in charge Incompetent Leadership Principals like Dwarka and destroy schools.

The Most Bang for My Buck said...

Commentator # 1
Our colleagues @ Forest Hills had PLENTY of reason to cry. They are not babies. They are WARRIORS! The man was a night mare and a chancellor's "dream."
However, you're right in wondering WHAT - - not who - - will replace him now that he's (THANKFULLY) gone. No doubt, given the current leadership (UFT and CSA) IT will not be good. The school will suffer as the next one (as well as ITS staff) will be "on the hook" for 3 -5 years and at the mercy of THE ABSOLUTE WORST superintendent and deputy superintendent known to mankind. Elaine Lindsay and Leticia Pinero are The Toxic Twins. I see a boatload of retirees and folks seeking transfers once the 19/20 school year is over.

Commentator #2
Yep. Numbers are ALL that counts; but look for THE TWO HORSEWOMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE (L & P) to torture the faculty and staff as the new building leader depending on level of experience as a principal, will be at their mercy (or that of Pinero if Lindsay retires - - as has been the rumor for 2 years running - -and Pinero ascends. Pinero is worse and younger by far). I see flaming hoops, missing horseshoes and cracked hooves ahead.

Commentator # 3
Four supervisors never die.
They float - - and stink - - like you know what.

Commentator # 4
What purpose?
To increase the use of a gateway drug, thus further "dumbing down" future generations of students?
Remember whatever we do (and don't do), these sprites will graduate (anyway) and will become the folks fixing our cars, checking out our food, assisting in conducting our bank business, drawing our blood, caring for our elderly parents - - or selves, teaching our children and grandchildren and serving as our lawyers (God help us) in the next 5, 10, 15, 20 plus years. Some may even be our politicians!

Commentator # 5
Because the UFT is in the mayor's/chancellor's pocket (I know you've heard the reverse, but it's not so)!
Full Time UFT staff are politicians NOT teachers.
BTW they'll collect 2 pensions too (thanks to their "service")
It's all about what's good for them and who they are ...

Indeed said...

Dear Ape of Reason and Anonymous Friend # 5:

Amen brother/sister!
The same goes for all District 26 (high schools particularly) and probably all other districts. I'm a D-26 and very good friends with many teachers in Districts 24, 27 and 28.

You both nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 6

Please prove that bit on Sherman, would ya?

Aileen said...

Anonymouses 7 & 8:

Thanks for verifying it. We, on the outside had only suspected it. Must be a witch having to go to work clad in a hazmat suit and mask, daily, in order to avoid the toxicity.

Yeah said...

9th Anonymous
UGH! I worked summer school at LEAPS once. (Her underling, Ms. Malcolm, was much worse. Thank God she retired!) Van Deren will say at the helm for the same reason that August Martin stayed open for years and years. Once Andrew Jackson and Springfield Gardens High Schools (and to some extent Far Rockaway) were shut down, one dump(ing ground) had to stay open. August Martin was it. It had to stay open. LEAPS is not it. AMHS has been restructured and is on the (slow) rise; as such, it's still allowed to be (sorta) choosy about whom it accepts and will be for a while.

Even when/if Van Deren is removed you must also consider that AMHS went through about 5 principals before it was restructured/ "helped".

Your halls sound Just. Like. those of my intended describes Cordoza's halls as being like.
Security and discipline codes are non-existent in every single NYC school thanks to what Farina has started and Carranza has "run with."

You have my prayers, friend.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 10

Yes indeedy.
(Cue in Bob Marley background music) "No Discipline (code). We Cry."

I've been weeping for 7 years. Saw it coming. Can't leave yet. Soon; but not yet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 11
What's the problem? Sounds like Chan is doing her job. Children who partake in activities that merit suspension are supposed to be suspended! Race matters not! If the school and/or district is "mostly Hispanic", that's just who will and should be suspended if the deans, principal and superintendents are doing their jobs properly. Discipline - - and suspensions if need be - - of all who commit infractions should be meted out without ANY consideration of race. Punish all who create the same disruption the same way. ALL. I freaking WISH that every sup't. were like you're accusing Chan of being like. Then Carranza could have some real data and either "shut up or put up" (a solution). The discipline code needs to be fixed. No more cow-towing to jack-legged parents who are conditioned to point fingers(away from themselves,the first teachers) and cry "foul"/"bias."

Anonymous said...

Been attempting to address Teachers' right to to review credentials of Rating Officers.
Dennis Sanchez was removed from his position as Rating Officer in District 9 and sent to a "rubber room."
DOE and UFT jointly obstruct review of his licensure.
After removal from District 9 he was made Bilingual Coordinator of District 5---a Teacher pay line.

The penalty was supposed to be lifelong ban on Administrative positions with the NYC DOE.