Sunday, February 16, 2020

Another Example Of Academic Fraud

It seems every month there is an article in the newspapers dealing with academic fraud and this month there is an article by Susan Edelman of the New York Post about school administrators at Parkside Preparatory Academy, a middle school in Brooklyn as the latest example of cheating in the New York City public schools.

If you read the article there appears little doubt that academic fraud is occurring at the school but despite the evidence the DOE's OSI found no evidence.  Unbelievable!

Until the DOE seriously addresses the academic fraud issue, stories like this will continue to be written about and makes real academic achievement impossible. Read the New York Post's editorial page on the city's lack of effort to curb bullying and academic fraud.


Anonymous said...

Worst of all is, as stated in the article, that those who report these crimes, the whistleblowers if you will, have their careers destroyed by these scumbag principals.

Anonymous said...

Report academic/financial Title I fraud

Title I Fraud

US Dept of Education
Investigation Services
400 Maryland Ave SW
Washington DC 20202

Shady said...

First, I told Carmen to push Proctoring Passing Rates as part of teacher ratings. She agreed and tried but the unions balked. If teachers get rated by how well they proctor - there would never be cheating scandals. All students would pass their State Exams. We need the unions to push this along.

1. NOBODY should be speaking to the FBI without an attorney. Nobody should be naming me.
2. When we are asked to cheat we need to be super smart. Do not talk to teachers who have ethics. They will name you later.
3. In January I proctored 2 Global exams in 2 different schools. Wasn't easy. All of my students passed. Both principals thanked me and paid me. My proctoring rate is well over 92 percent for the last 4 years. In Algebra my proctoring passing rate is well over 98 percent. An assistant principal even asked me to take it down a notch. English regents is at 89 percent.
4. Bloomberg and Klein invented the cheating. Walcott endorsed it. Carmen made it easier.
5. Students who do not come to school need to be marked present if you are going to pass them. We look like asses passing absent students. DEAD students should never be passed. THEY'RE FUCKIN DEAD. You are not doing anyone a favor by passing dead students. You are going to get us CAUGHT. STOP passing dead students and try your best not to pass LTAs and students who never show.
6. Principals who use fake classes, credit recovery BS - should only do this with teachers they trust. COMMON SENSE.

Look we are not going to hit 80 percent graduation without cheating and with "smart" cheating we can hit 90 to 100 percent.
These liberals and conservatives are trying to screw us. Cheating is part of the DOE. Do not let anyone try to persuade you into not cheating.

Shady II said...

Sorry, forgot to mention. My secretary(scheduler) double booked me again for US History regents in June. I don't feel comfortable being the proctor on record again while in 2 different schools. Seems to fishy and I eventually will get caught.

Would anyone be able to proctor a US HIstory exam in June in Lower Manhattan? Cool principal. Pays cash. Easy going. He is only looking for 75 to 85 percent of the students to pass regents.

You must know US History exam although you will get an exam with the answers in it. Do not make it look obvious. He has teachers on his staff who will rat you out. They will speak. Avoid them. Keep your head down. You are there only for 3 to 4 hours at max. You are not there to make friends. Nobody likes you. You r there to get paid and feel good about yourself.

Email me. I need to find him a decent proctor with high ethics and morals. Someone who will do what's right for the kids and wants to see students achieve and accomplish great things.

Anonymous said...

I see it every single day with my own eyes! Teachers bullied into passing students! Teachers giving answers during exams! Kids who can barely read or write walking down the aisle! It is a travesty! Can't wait to escape from this sham of a system.

Anonymous said...

The investigators and the DOE lawyers are on the Principals' side while the UFT looks the other way. Corruption at its best while they target senior teachers.

Shady said...

I can honestly tell you the mayor controls and runs the DOE, investigations, SCI and office of investigations. Maybe the mayor is a better man than me but common sense should prevail. Whoever is in charge would benefit by cheating. In other words whoever investigates cheaters has to look the other way.

I am very pro-union. We had a situation where I represented a teacher who had a video of an Ass principal and another teacher giving students answers to a regents exam. We had the principal, superintendent, 2 investigators in a room watching the video. Everyone was shocked.

Investigators asked the teacher "why are you filming students taking exams?" I jumped in and said if we delete the video will this go away? Everyone nodded. I hit delete so quickly and saved that untenured teacher's job. To this day he still thanks me for teaching him the ropes. He is about to become an AP.

But how can we compete with charters? They don't take special ed, ELL students and disciplinary troubled kids. They also grade their own regents. Not fair. We need to cheat. Our mayor endorses it. Carmen encouraged it. Poor Coranza is lost talking about equity.

Anonymous said...

@ shady 12:27 by cheating you get equity in passing rates
Chancellor caranza approves of this message

Anon2323 said...

EVEN THE HOUSTON ASTROS CHEATED AND SHOULD LOSE BOTH CHIPS! They fired managers and upper management. Same goes here, Diblasio and Carranza must go and you shake up Dept of ed from top to bottom.

Shady is right there is plentyyyyy of corruption in charter, they will kick a kid out of the school where the offense at public school might be detention. Sucess and so many charters grade their own regents, I am sure there is no behind the scenes help.

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

Hey Shady, can’t we just mark dead kids as late.

You know, late

Shady said...

Under Bloomberg credit recovery was created. Give a student an 8 hour class and pass him. Then they said a week long class but he can be absent 3 or 4 days. HOWEVER, he must attend one day. You can't penalize him for absences.

When people complained Bloomberg tried to make it seem there are rules. He created some rules but let's be honest in what world is it okay to do credit recovery?

Then we got busted grading regents. Some schools had absent students getting 85s and 90s on regents. I know students who dropped out and graduated. Funny thing is whenever these kids try to get a GED they'll find out they were actually graduates. These students have no clue they graduated. True story.

So Bloomberg said "look make it look good and have schools grade regents outside of their schools". EXCEPT in the summer. LOL

He knew what he was doing. He could not allow all grading to be outside of our schools so he allowed us to grade regents in the summer. Had he not allowed this then graduation rates won't increase.

Boys let the cheating continue. Carmen loved it. That little old silly lady kept smiling and benefitting from cheating. Heard she wants to come back one more time.

Anonymous said...

Under Bloomberg many Leadeship Principals like Dwarka have destroyed our schools with corruption, and wrongdoing.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they only target teachers that speak up.

Anonymous said...

Corruption was never investigated.