Wednesday, February 05, 2020

The Different Tiers For UFT Members

One of the questions I was asked was how many UFT members are in the various tiers.  Below is a table that shows the various Tiers and the percentages of in-service UFT members which includes teachers, paras, guidance counselors, and Social Workers.  The total amount of UFT represented in-service members is approximately 127,500.



Tier III members almost always end up in Tier IV since Tier III requires a Social Security offset of $1 for every $2 dollars of pension ncome.

Tier IV has different iterations, depending when the educator joined the NYC school system Here.

There is no Tier V for UFT members.

To play the Tier VI game read my post Here.


Anonymous said...

Chaz, Thanks for the information. I suspected that my UFT Chapter Leader was lying when he said only 20% of the members were Tier VI. Now I know he was.

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

Wow, it’s hard to believe there are 195 members who are still active with at least 47 years of service

Anonymous said...

I am truly blessed to have been able to retire tier4 55/30

I've survived. Lets put it that way. I'm a white male and I've been targeted several times in my final 10 years. The admins changed hands and they were trained to dictate and abuse their power. Danielson was a weapon. It made me sick and I have medications to swallow for the rest of my life.

Pounds of flesh to get where I am today.

I pity the ass kissing fake teachers tier 6 teachers in my old school.. They think they are better than the veterans and they are not humble. They showed no respect and I see real burn out for them soon. They don't save $ and they are untalented.

We tier 4 teachers are the last of the experienced ones. Not valued but completely unappreciated and abused.

Sorry youngsters. Its all for nothing. Stay in the game till 63 and destroy your chances of the ultimate goal. Or find another job and preserve your health and happiness

Anonymous said...

I warn all new teachers to research tier 6 and know what you're getting into. To have to pay into retirement into perpetuity is sheer nonsense and to have to work 40 years to reach full pension is psychotic. I wonder how many tier 6 people will make to full retirement even if they are in good schools.

Anon2323 said...

Sad to say this job cannot be recommended to our students. Tier VI are treated like sewer rats. Let's be real how many of the 37% will hit 15 years or 20 years 8-10%? The UFT had to make it nearly impossible for the Tier VI since the Tier 1 pensions were incredible and Tier IV are solid.

I cannot see the DOE lasting another 10 years if changes are not made. If anything, we need all DOE teachers emails and start sending emails regarding uniting at a place and time to structure a way to speak with UFT of problems of the utmost importance.

Anonymous said...

Teachers often get excited over our supposedly amazing pensions. Bear in mind that we spend our careers making 3 to 5 times less than similarly educated people in private industry, and they don't have to contend with even a fraction of what we are subjected to. The pension is really just a deferred compensation plan - a way of reimbursing you for the money you should have been paid while you were working. To phrase it another way, receiving the pension doesn't mean we're coming out ahead. In reality, we're just barely breaking even.

Anonymous said...


Many folks take large and small breaks in service so a Tier I person may have considerably less years than 47.

Anonymous said...

No way are the remaining tier 1s classroom teachers. Likely have comp time, push-in or pull-out programs, IEP teacher, attemdacme teachers, etc..

mkrstic said...

I hope to be in your position in 7 years! Already swallowing tons of medication. What shame it is that I cannot WAIT to be 57! That we have to take medication to function! The DOE is a disgrace. It is not about the kids at all. It is about punishing teachers.

Anonymous said...


Even if we are breaking even.
I know only one other person who retired at 55 clearing 5k per month with no lapse in health care and a hefty tda.

The people with the leased Mercedes in the driveway will have pension envy.
Tier 6 teachers were lured in.
They have a shit pension plan.
Its unfortunate.

Bronx ATR said...

Tier 6 should be fought tooth and nail by the UFT - if was a real union. However there is no impetus for the UFT to fight tier 6 as long as there is a revolving door of newbies and discontinuees, resignations and terminations. It guarantees a steady flow of dues. Newbies should withhold dues until they reach tenure. Also all ATRs should withhold dues until Fair Student Funding is actively fought and challenged by the UFT. The status quo works for the UFT but not for teachers.

Anonymous said...

Muligrew said that he was not empowered to argue for our pensions and only if he had a clear opening would he try and make something work. DId not seem like a priority AT ALL

Anonymous said...

Its a bad time in the course of history now to have entered this school district. What it was ended at beginning of tier 4. Things all around began its major decline. Schools closing. Classrooms and schools broken. Students suck. Leadership suck. Danielson and replacing chancellors frequently. Bloomberg. And now integration and racial tension. Its rewound back to a short term he'll for teaching and learning. Its sad. Nobody entering has any idea

Anonymous said...


My school played your game and only 12% ofr the staff made it to full retirement age.