Saturday, February 16, 2008

Updated Blogger List

I was finally able to update my blogger list, thanks to NYC educator's help. The updated blogger list was created after a serious investigation of the articles of these bloggers. The bloggers I selected may or may not have me on their blogging list. However, my final cut was based upon how well they represented the classroom teacher environment. My blogroll has some new and very interesting blogs. Newly added to my blogroll are:

Have a Gneiss Day - A very interesting blog that cuts to the truth and stakes out positions similar to mine.

Under Assault - One of my favorites with the articles providing insight to the problems of the New York City classroom.

Snytactac Gymnastics - I admit at first I didn't like the blogger articles, too light and too much like another popular blogger who seems more concerned with the blogger's personal life and not the classroom. However, I started to appreciate this blogger more as the articles became more focused on the school environment. Now one of my favorites.

Norm'snotes/ed notes humor - Let's say it's good reading and quite funny at times.

Life After The Rubber Room - A very interesting and detailed account of a survivor from the "Rubber Room". A must read.

Ed the Apple - A very in-depth and serious discussion on how the DOE affects the NYC public schools. A must read for teachers who want to see the big picture. Yes, I know the blog is(was) Unity flunky Peter Goodman's blog. However, he was the only one on Edwize that spoke the truth about Tweed and, unlike Leo Casey, had readable and interesting articles.

Untamed Teacher - A teacher at war with the administration, certainly not a suck up.

Diane Ravitch Articles - One of the best education writers who usually has opinion articles in the New York Sun.

NYC Public School Parents - These bloggers see past the Tweed "bullshit" and cuts to the chase.

I am sorry to see Edzup go. I think it was really funny and the authors should really consider it's revival. It must have been a happy day for Unity when it disappeared. I also took off other bloggers who no longer interest me and have lost their way in the classroom.

Finally, I would like the following people start their own blog.

17 years to go (or is that 15)?

Schoolgal (I know she is part of NYC educator's blog, its time to go solo)


Thanks to NYC educator for being there and keeping Unity on their toes.


17 (really 15) more years said...

Hi Chaz- My blog is "Have a Gneiss Day"- and thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Anonymous said...
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