Saturday, April 05, 2008

Randi's Actions Are Incrementally Worsening The Teacher Profession

Randi Weingarten, in a New York Times puff piece was proud to point out how she wanted incremental and sustainable changes in the New York City education system, I did an investigation of these incremental changes she brought us and here is what I found.

First, Randi gave us the 192 day year for us. Including those wonderful two days in August. Yes, she certainly incrementally increased our work year.

Second, Randi gave us the extra 150 minutes of classroom time during the week. Thanks Randi for incrementally increasing our work day.

Third, Randi has allowed the DOE to incrementally increase the paperwork that the classroom teacher must do. Another promise Randi has kept.

Fourth, Randi has allowed the DOE to increase the number of "ATR" and "rubber room" teachers. Here again Randi has kept her promise to incrementally change the New York City education system.

Fifth, Randi agreed to incrementally increase teacher administrative duties such as cafeteria, hallway, and potty patrol. Way to go Randi.

Sixth, Randi has agreed with the DOE to incrementally increase the number of teachers, subject to a 90-day unpaid suspension and no health benefits based upon hearsay.

Seventh, there appears to have been an incremental increase in Letters-To-File (LIF) since we cannot grieve them anymore.

Finally, Randi has seen more and more teachers leave the system as she buys into the DOE's recruitment over retention policy. Yes Randi has kept her word in incrementally increasing the resignations of New York City teachers.

Some bloggers call Randi Weingarten a liar. However, in this case Randi has lived up to her promise to incremental and sustainable changes in the New York City educational system. Unfortunately, these incremental changes have worsened the New York City teacher profession but why should she care? Randi and her inner staff are not in the classroom and not subject to any of the incremental and sustainable actions that have affected the classroom teacher.


NYC Educator said...

Well, they do open the UFT office an extra hour. I don't know if it's an hour a week, an hour a day, or an hour a year, but it's a great sacrifice on their part.

Although Ms. Weingarten now plans to be AFT President as well as UFT President--so I don't know why she needs an extra hour to do what she clearly regards as a part time job.

17 (really 15) more years said...

I never thought it were possible that three people could single handedly destroy a school system. With the help of our pal Randi, who really has made changes, Bloomberg and Klein have quite a legacy. In my mind, they will forever be considered the triumverate of evil.

Anonymous said...

nyc educator it is one hour per week on Thursday. However, I'm sure they don't keep a schedule so how can you prove they actually work the hours specified.

17: With union leaders like Randi we can only look for further deterioration of our profession.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

And to think she shoke my hand last year when she came to my school and told me to keep my wits about me and wait out the tenure of Bloom/Klein and I would come out ok!

I am very worried!

Anonymous said...

Your honesty and insight into the DOE and UFT is right on the mark.
I am amazed at the ongoing naivety and ignorance of Union Members and Tax Payers -including my own... Mayor Bloomberg and Klein have been experts in deceipt and power. It is frightening how well they have kept us in the dark! Up until now...
As a new Rubberroom occupant, (reassigned teacher) I sit here elbow to elbow staring at 4 cement walls with no reachable windows, no fresh air or sunlight. I must sign in and out, cannot walk in the hallway and ask to go to the bathroom. This is the rubberroom. What kind of society condones such abuse to educated professionals who have allegations of misconduct(most of us haven't even been informed of what they are) based on hearsay? Teaching has become a dangerous game of "gotcha!" by our business academy trained administrators. I pray that your voice will help to spread the word to others who believe that Education is about teaching. The UFT has completely sold us out. Your blog is has been a great resource of information and insight. Thank you for straightfoward honesty. I applaud you.

Anonymous said...

you hit it on the head. Weingarten, in league with Klein and Mr. Smiley (our mayor) have destroyed the fundemental due process rights of teachers. The teachers only way of getting a fair shake is going to be by shaking the foundations of the union and 'bored of education'.