Thursday, October 30, 2008

The DOE Keeps Wasting Money On Themselves & Keeps The Classroom Overcrowded

Tweed continues to waste money on their bloated central bureaucracy, paying out 5 million dollars on expensive private courier services rather than use emails or other online services for free. I wonder what they don't want us to know? Is it because they are afraid to leave a paper trail behind that might identify the DOE intent In some of the anti-school policies born deep in the offices of the Tweed building? I can only speculate why Tweed continues to waste money at a time of budget cuts. In a New York Daily News article by Juan Gonzales points out that a large part of these costs come from the controversial and bloated Office of Assessment and Accountability which accounted for 2 million dollars alone! Further, the article points out how $50 million dollars have been spend on consultants and private contractors, not to mention the $80 million dollars on IBM's useless AIRS computer system that still hasn't worked properly.

However, DOE does pinch pennies when it comes to the classroom. In another Daily News Article more than half of the high school students (59%) were in overcrowded classrooms and that in the first six years of Bloomberg's tenure less classroom construction was completed than was done in the last six years of the Giuliani administration. In addition, many of the overcrowded schools have classrooms in trailers that, in some cases are barely fit for human habitation, least not an effective environment for learning.

As the DOE's Central bureaucracy spends more and more money on themselves, the schools are increasingly asked to shoulder the burden of ever increasing budget cuts. DOE's "children last" just continues.

update: The Daily News appeared to remove a story about the outrageous salaries and perks some Tweed educrats were receiving. The Gotham Schools blog reported this story and is worth checking out.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

My parents were political dissidents in Latin America of the late 50s and early 60s. Argentina, Brasil and Cuba repectively. They were thrown out of all three nations for expressing diffrences of opinions with the ruling juntas.
Is New York City headed in that direction? The ruling junta with a billionaire mayor taking care of his buddies and the rest of us either keeping out mouths shut or having to leave!

Iceland was once attractive as I used to live there but now that have gone bankrupt I don't look forward to living in heated geothermal cave like tha ancient Vikings. And now with the the prospect of a Bloomberg third term and his court jesters, Klein and Randi cheering him on I am having second thoughts! Hunting and fishing don't look so bad just those cold and dark winters that get to me!

Chaz said...

I can't agree with you more. Our union just closes their eyes to the abuses of Kleinberg on the schools and their teachers.

Anonymous said...

Look at UFT, it makes lots of noise on little things, such as political buttons, and parking permits, but remains silent or cooperative when it is confronted with the firing or hiring issues such as ATR or the Rubber Room. The horse-faced Randi is a phony and a fraud.

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