Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cold Heart - Chancellor Joel Klein's Valentine's Day Idea To Solve The "Rubber Room" Problem. Let's Just Stop Paying Reassigned Teachers.

On this Valentine's Day, the cold hearted Chancellor Joel Klein's gift to reassigned teachers would be to stop paying them and giving them health benefits once an Administrator accused the teacher of misconduct or incompetence. Luckily, New York State Education Law requires that tenured teachers be given "due process" and face an independent Arbitrator who requires real evidence not just accusations by a vindictive Principal or a corrupt investigative process. In the DOE mouthpiece, the New York Post, who just can't help themselves in going after teachers with half truths and false accusations here, Chancellor Joel Klein stated the following.

Remove employees from payroll while their cases proceed. "When teachers are formally charged with misconduct or incompetence and there is probable cause to believe they are guilty, they should be taken off payroll pending the outcome of the charges. Exonerated teachers would receive back pay plus interest".


Mr. Talk said...

Thanks for posting that, Chaz. I posted a reply to Klein in the comments section of the Post, and I think I'll blog about it as well.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the agreement made on August 8, 2008 between the DoE and the UFT regarding the hiring of more arbitrators so the due process of each UFT member can be done in an expeditious and fair manner. The DoE made a statement to Randi that they would make sure to abide by that agreement.

Still waiting for the DoE to keep to their words!

Chaz said...

Joel Klein does not abide by contracts that he deems unenforceable. He has shown this time and again.

Anonymous said...
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Chaz said...

My blog is only for education comments only. Please do not use it for other uses.

Anonymous said...


It is a blatant fact that Klein has not and will not abide by any rule, contract, policy, law, etc. He has anointed himself as a demigod in the education world. That being said, how do we then push the union leaders to do more regarding the 8/8/08 agreement so as to file a complaint with PERB or the Office of Labor Relations that Klein has roughshod through every agreement made with the UFT. Why isn't Mulgrew filing papers against Klein and/or the mayor for vilifying the members in the RR in the media. Why aren't the members joining forces and filing a class action suit for defamation of character? I'm so up in arms about everything that the true criminals here are the Mayor4Life, KnuckleheadKlein, and the Tweedies.

We are a powerful union that for some reason the union leaders are shying away from a good old-fashioned, bare-knuckled fight with these educriminals!

Anonymous said...

You assume that the Reichchancellor has a heart.

You need a friggin stone mason to perform heart surgery on that treacherous Bozo.

Angry Nog

jd2718 said...

Klein and Bloomberg continue to show that even in times of tight budgets they are more than willing to take a hit to the City budget if they can use it to pressure the UFT directly or through the media.

I think they consider the money wasted on the rubber rooms money well spent.

They are devious and ruthless