Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If You Want To Know How Little Respect Tweed Has For Teachers, Just Read The DOE's Proposed Teachers' Contract That They Leaked To the Press.

In my previous post I took a tongue-in-cheek look at Chancellor Joel Klein's letter he sent to us. Little did I realize how close to the truth my editing was. The Gotham Schools blog printed the September 10,2009 DOE's contract demands and it is not only terrible but disrespectful of teachers. Let's look at these ridiculous demands by Tweed as they practice "education on the cheap" at the expense of the teachers.


  • No guaranteed salary increase without "givebacks". This is more draconian then the inadequate salary increase of 2% for the first $70,000 that Mayor Bloomberg proposed.
  • Higher increases for beginning and middle level teachers (0-8 years in the system).
  • Seniority steps will be changed to a Principal approved definitions of Apprentice, Practicing, Mentor, & Master teacher. In other words, the Principal will determine your salary.
2. Contract Modifications

  • Reduce the 20 consecutive day time period to 5 days for a teacher's voluntary resignation if a teacher does not return to work after not giving notice for being absent.
  • Add an extra classroom period for K-8 teachers.
  • Increase unpaid coverages in the secondary schools from one to six per semester.
  • Allow Principals to have grade conferences that go past the now existing 3:45pm limit.
  • Eliminate retention rights for per session activities.
  • Eliminate all sabbaticals except for health.
  • reduce sck leave from 10 to 5 days annually.
  • Termination pay will be reduced to one paid day for every three days in the CAR.
  • No longer will teachers be paid if they take a day off if their CAR falls to zero.
  • Eliminate seniority as a basis for excessing and layoffs.
  • ATR is limited to four months to obtain a position or face removal from the payroll.
  • No more 20 year exemption for teachers who can be excessed.

3. Discipline & Grievances

  • All teachers accused of incompetence or misconduct will be removed from the payroll.
  • Incompetence charges will be changed to make it easier to fire the teacher.
  • All 3020-a hearings will be held by City appointed OATH judges.
  • Teachers not reassigned will be given a one day 3020-a hearing.
  • Eliminate the State mandated three year time limit to file charges against high school teachers when the DOE believes the charges may have been criminal in nature.
  • All grievances will be done during non-working hours.
There are more outrageous demands dealing with Chapter Leaders, union activity, related provider services, and tenure issues but I am sure you all get the message that Tweed is out to destroy the teaching profession by hiring temporary, non-vested teachers, many of them from the alternate certification program like Teach For America and the Teaching Fellows who will never last the ten years to get a pension or the fifteen years to get retiree health benefits.

What the DOE really wants in their "education on the cheap" policy are disposable teachers who leave the system in an increasingly hostile classroom environment as Tweed's "children last" program continues.


Invictus said...

Gosh, they do have the list ready for Santa this year, but because they haven't been good but quite naughty, they will get nothing from the Unionized Santas. Which Santa in the right mind would bring goodies to these naughty two, after they have decided to get rid of all the elfs, and all the down days that Santas are so used to enjoying when they are off season?

reality-based educator said...

Did you see what they did in Rhode Island? Fired every teacher at a school in the poorest city in the state. Because the union members wanted additional pay to work longer hours and take additional PD classes as part of Obama's turnaround plans.

They fired them all.

Duncan said he "applauded" the firings.

These people are evil. Duncan, Obama, Klein, Bloomberg - all evil.

The Librarian said...

No doubt the plan is to "Walmartize" national public school labor with a twist. They want cheaper, younger labor with much fewer benefits and pensions with a considerable turnover. Programs akin to Teaching Fellows will abound with young people teaching for awhile, then moving on with a grad degree, and something nice to show on their resume. The only people truly benefiting long term will be the private operators, and their managers (principals, consultants, contractors, other educrats.)

"The twist" is the motion of the knife Kleinberg uses as they publicly execute a large group of professional educators, mostly who are older and better paid. This class of pampered, sexual deviants, if you listen to their incantations, are also to blame for most of the fall of western civilization, including of course, the complete implosion of education as a whole, and the demise of this once great nation as well.

In today's business, political, financial world, "winning" means complete annihilation of the adversary. Winning is defined as an endless, eternal, spinning wheel of profits, control, and dominance. In the latest Newsweek magazine, it's noted that layoffs in American companies are mostly used NOT to keep a company solvent, but instead TO CONSTANTLY MAXIMIZE PROFITS . Maximize profits from other people’s money, hey , TAXPAYER money even better !

Add the current pinstripe pirating and destruction of our financial system with the Rahm Emanual ethos of "maximizing even disasters", you have the current cut throat scorched earth assault on the middle class, and certainly on rich, privileged teachers. Instead of Obama prosecuting many of the banking-investment heads he takes marching orders from, he instead assents to the scapegoating and witch hunting of "government school" teachers. After all, SOMEONE has to be "accountable" for the mess we're in. (cont)

The Librarian said...

In a country where the Secretary of the Treasury Geitner gets busted for income tax evasion; the Education Secretary has little teaching experience, and the NYC Education Chancellor has NO education license; the President's financial appointees are the biggest thieves to ever walk the planet, SOMEONE HAS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE ! ! !

Now you can perfectly understand how it’s now acceptable to society for hedge fund operators, and commercial real estate investment corporations to own and “operate” public schools. After all, if the government can take your personal property, your home, “for the public good” they sure as hell can allow hedge fund managers to run public schools.

Add to this misery gumbo (for teachers) a multi-billionaire mayor with ambitions to be King, who has at least TRIPLED his net wealth since becoming mayor, a master of the above game, and you have Kleinberg's "license to kill." This license enables them to achieve their goals by any means necessary-the public execution of thousands of careers while they privatize the school system.
I call this the burning of witches, while the true devils circle the fire. There’s nothing like a good public execution, bread and circuses, to deflect the attention of the rabble.

Bread and circuses . . . it's been done before.

Anonymous said...
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