Sunday, June 27, 2010

The DOE "Double Standard" Strikes Again When It Comes To Principals

The DOE's "double standard" when it comes to disciplining a Principal has shown up again as the Principal of Fordham Leadership Academy, Richard Bost in the Bronx was accused of groping and making lewd comments to a school secretary. What is most shocking is that after OEO (why not SCI?) substantiated the allegations against the Principal, the school secretary, not the Principal was removed from the school. You heard it right. The Principal was left in the school. Now new accusations of sexual harassment and sexual contact between the Principal and staff are being investigated, again by OEO and not SCI. A DOE spokesperson lamely explained that the Principal was left in the school because it did not involve a student and OEO has not completed their new investigation. Let's see the Principal can grope and make sexually suggestive comments and be accused of even more serious allegations to staff members and nothing happens to him? What is wrong with this picture? The New York Daily News printed the article here. Previously, I have posted about the DOE's "double standard" when it came to teachers and administrators here, and here. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since that time.

By contrast, I know a teacher who was falsely accused of verbally abusing a student by using the word F**K in a sentence that was taken out of context. Despite his denial of using the word. He was subject to an SCI investigation and was taken offline for three months by the "probable cause" Arbitrator. Simply the word of the student is enough to terminate a teacher while numerous staff complains of sexual harassment and even more by a Principal is met with indifference and a slap on the wrist. What is most disturbing is how the union does not take up the fight for the staff and does not file a formal complaint to the DOE and PERB about the Principal. Where are the union concerns for equal treatment? Instead what we get is deafening silence. It appears that our union leadership is more interested in negotiating more secret deals with the DOE then protect the rights of their members.


Anonymous said...

Bost was removed by the Superintendent (in fact, I thought she was trying to fire him), and reinstated by Joel Klein.

Anonymous said...

Have fun on summer vacation while the rest of the country works.

Anonymous said...

Principal corruption is currently voluminous.Principals are being investigated for serious indiscretions, are not being removed at all. Also, the behaviour and liberties taken are astounding even if undetected. If the taxpayers knew how they are getting screwed by the DOE management class, including the bad computer fiasco (700 mil.)and expensive "consultants", the better heeled are feeding themselves here.

This rank corruption makes me afraid, VERY afraid of this Bloomberg cat. He's pretty damn evil to do what he's doing, in the MANNER in which he's reaching his objectives.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1109 A.M.,

Did you happen to know that teachers are paid for ten months that is divided into 24 pay periods?

In essence we are seasonal workers, Most of us have to work during the summer "vacation".

I hope that your jealousy and ignorance continue to consume you dimwit.

As for the rest of the country working, you need to consider that over 15 million people are unemployed and that means that they are not working.

I sincerely hope that you will be among the ranks of the unemployed. So while you are complaining about teachers having vacations, you will be on the bread line.

Work hard and sweat a lot this summer. I will be lounging in air conditioned comfort. Perhaps I will travel. There is so much to do during the two months and one week of vacation.

The only two reasons to get into teaching are July and August.


Angry Nog