Sunday, June 06, 2010

Will Bloomberg Agree To An Early Retirement Incentive? I think Not.

My peers are all talking about the State passing the early retirement incentive and that many of them contacted the union leadership who have given them the false impression that the City will follow suit and allow the teachers to get the retirement credits they want. However, the bad news is that Mayor Bloomberg has stated time and again that he does not want to give a retirement incentive since these teachers are going to retire anyway. Therefore, the Mayor decided to impose a wage freeze and an additional 4% cut in the school budget instead. However, exempt from the budget cuts was the DOE adding $840,000 in bonuses and raises to the Central Bureaucracy. Unbelievable, and how hypocritical.

While it may make more sense to agree to the State's early retirement incentive, the Mayor and Chancellor do not want to reward senior teachers with up to three years pension credit when they are doing everything possible to get rid of them for "cause". With their failed attempt to get the "Keep Act" through the State Legislature, which would give the principals the right to determine who to layoff. The use of a wage freeze was preferable to them than the more reasonable early retirement incentive. "Why reward the senior teacher when we can screw all the teachers?"

It will be interesting to see what transpires but for now it appears that the City is not going to agree with an early retirement incentive. Despite what our union leadership is telling the teachers.


Anonymous said...

I'm staying to spite him!

reality-based educator said...

Why should he agree to an early retirement incentive? Mulgrew will give him whatever he wants - evals tied to scores, the end of tenure, lifting of the charter cap, a salary "freeze" outside of contract negotiations - no reason for Bloomberg to give on ANYTHING.

It's depressing. Best to do as the Buddha says and deal with what is. There is NO way I will make it to retirement. I have 19 years to go. Glad I didn't agree to the 25/55. It didn't make sense for me for a number of reasons, but it really doesn't make sense to pay into it when you know the deficit hawks will have the state pension plan killed before I ever get there.

Obama is leading the charge on that as well. The Social Security "fix" he is going try after the midterms is to raise the age, lower benefits and add some kind"private account"thing (though they will call it something else...just like they have renamed NCLB even though the policy is the same...)

Obama is Bush - just with a (D) after his name. And the "Dems" helping him.

Anonymous said...

Well, we will know for sure before 8/1, which is the deadline to opt in for the State buyout deal.

Ms. Represented said...

I will stay another year or more just to spite his sorry ass!!! You can't find good help like me these days!!!

veteran teacher said...

I'm staying too just to make my 100 grand every year. I'm on time, never absent and always have my lesson plan in hand. I'm gonna make it really hard to get rid of me!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Bloomberg doesn't have to buy anyone out when he has that bald headed pimp doing favors for him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms. Represented. I will spite those bastards and Klein (especially Klein) can kiss my arse. I can retire now with 42 years on record but I will squeeze this jaunt for every last nickle. If They are going to nickle and dime me then I will do the same to them only I'll make it ten fold.
Signed OneAngrydude

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms. Represented. I will spite those bastards and Klein (especially Klein) can kiss my arse. I can retire now with 42 years on record but I will squeeze this jaunt for every last nickle. If They are going to nickle and dime me then I will do the same to them only I'll make it ten fold.
Signed OneAngrydude

Anonymous said...

Chaz I am first in line for the incentive but, while the uft is pushing very hard for the incentive I have not heard that they say it is a done deal.

Chaz said...

Anon 5:52

The union's official position is that they are trying to get the City to agree with the early retirement incentive. However, many union officials are privately telling teachers to sit tight and not retire and wait for the City to approve the retirement incentive. Either the five teachers are all lying or there appears to be a disconnect in the union.

Anonymous said...

The fact that more teachers sit tight and wait for the buyout may just create an exact situation which forces the Cityhall to buyout these teachers and more.
Imagine if no one retires this year, something has to be done by the City to wean them off from the payroll.

veteranteacher said...

I'm really interested in joining together for delaying retirement as per anonymous' suggestion of making them wean us off our salaries. I have 6 more months; I WILL absolutely work the entire year to spite Bloomberg and maybe longer to make the money. Hey he'll have to pay me half a million for the next 5 years! Sorry newbies; I'm staying unless I'm given an incentive.

Anonymous said...

The question is. Should I stay to maximize my income and stick it to the little dictator?

Is it really worth my physical and pschological health to suffer more time in the sewer/DoE?

How many good years will I have left after suffering, working in a job where I am constantly villified for having taught for so long?

How much longer do I have to look on the new favored midwestern youth,who are essentially a temp force, replacing an old dinosaur like me?

How much longer do I have to jump through hoops to satisfy some wet behind the ears administrator, who looks upon me as a budget problem and destined for the great teachers room in the sky?

Is it really worth it to teach a growing horde of illiterate children who misbehave without consequence. Their skills diminish from year to year as do the standards of the stupid tests.

They are far to busy on cellphones and ipods to be annoyed by the likes of their teachers.

How about staking your future on the scholastic abilities of what can kindly be defined as morons?

If you have the time in and can afford to live on a shitty DoE pension on the oil soaked coast of Florida, then it's time to bugger off.


Angry Nog

Anonymous said...

If you hate teching and the students so much why do you continue to do it? Do you do it out of spite for Mulgrew and Bloomberg? Do you get anything out of teaching besides a paycheck?

Anonymous said...

Not A Teacher,

Since you obviously have reading comprehension difficulties, I will endevour to explain it to you as I would explain to a mental defective.

Firstly, I never said that I hated teaching.

Secondly, I was writing about the deplorable conditions that teachers have to work under.

Thirdly, I was explaining that if a teacher has enough time in to retire that it is advisable to do so as rapidly as possible.

Since you don't teach you will never understand what the job is really all about.

I suppose that just because you sat your fat ass behind a desk for years in various classrooms, that now you think that you are an expert on teaching.

Just as all the other small minded pricks who think that it is their obligation to pontificate about something they know nothing about.

Seems to me that as a non teacher you seem to have way too much time to be reading and contributing to these blogs.

Does your boss think that you are being productive enough?

Or is writing the drivel you produce part of your job for the DoE?

When you read these blogs you must have some dim awareness that this is a place where teachers let their hair down, and this is not how we comport ourselves on the job.

So when you make value judgements about us taking wage freezes or that we shouldn't be teaching the precious children,you should engage brain before starting mouth.

I don't believe that you are an accountant or that you voluntary took a wage freeze because of your concern for your co-workers.

I think that you work for the little mayor, or Bozo the Reichchancellor, out of some bland featureless cubicle in the bowels of tweed.

I don't think that you have a wife who is a teacher or that you have a wife. I think that you probably have a fascination with farm animals.

That's the good thing about bashing teachers, You can do to them what you wouldn't do to a farm animal.

I will stay on and collect my bloated salary and increase my pension just to spite a little prick like you and all the other pieces of shit who share your warped point of view.

So once again, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH.
I mean it and will continue to mean it.

I guess I will have to put the move to Florida off for several years just so that I can suck you and the rest of the tax payers dry.


Angry Nog

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