Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Do You Still Claim To Be The "Education Mayor" After The Terrible College Remediation Results Were Published?

Well, the Mayor's claim that he will go down as the "Education Mayor" seems like a fantasy as even more data shows that New York City high school graduates who attend college needs more and more remediation before taking legitimate college courses. It is bad enough that 79% of the entering freshmen need remediation in at least one course but an astounding 22.6% need triple remediation in reading, writing, and Math, unbelievable but true. This triple remediation level has risen 7.2% since 2005 when it was 15.4%. This dramatic rise in students needing triple remediation appears to correlate with the rising high school graduation rate and associated with the increased use of questionable "credit recovery programs". Remember, this does not include those high school graduates who never bothered to attend college.

Furthermore, only 46% of all graduating high school students actually enrolled in college. That means the majority of high school graduates never go to college according to the New York Daily News. The newspaper actual quoted the Mayor in defending the poor results in which he said the following:

"Do every one of our 1.1 million kids that go to New York City public schools get a great education?" Mayor Bloomberg asked rhetorically. "No, but that is our objective, and we're going to keep working until we get there."

What a crock of shit! What the Mayor should have said is: "We are just trying to increase the High School graduation rate by any means possible. Be it bogus "credit recovery", phony credits, and changing grades. What ever works".

The statistics really show that the Bloomberg/Klein/Black/Walcott era has been a dismal failure and the Daily News editorial states it best. "Flunking Grades". How about their "accountability" for failing the New York City school children? Oh, I forgot "accountability" is only for the educators not the people at Tweed and City Hall where "children last" runs supreme.


Pissedoffteacher said...

I teach at a local community college. I agree with this post 100%. Bloomberg has created a city of dummies.

Anonymous said...

They are going to find a way to put ALL the blame on the teachers!

Anonymous said...

maybe Bloomberg and his poodle lap dogs should spend a week teaching remedial classes at CUNY - I would pay to watch that!

Anonymous said...

The Bloomberg administration has lost an entire generation as the failed policies of mayoral control are becoming evident even to his ardent supporters. The diplomas issues under chancellor Klein are as fraudulent in many cases as the education miracle the mayor has proclaimed on national television.

Anonymous said...

They keep trying new ways to teach the kids who aren't "book smart". WE need to bring back vocational programs and co-op programs to help these kids succeed! Not everyone is meant to go to college and there is nothing wrong with that! Don't we need mechanics, plumbers, secretaries??? Bring back the general diploma tooooooo!

Anonymous said...

the mayor has made school so much worse

Anonymous said...

Chaz, given political and economic considerations, what would you do to improve the school system?

Anonymous said...

I am not Chaz but there is so much waste in the school systems! Do away with outside consultants, testing, testing testing must go! 2 teachers, 5 paras and an aide in one room to teach students who will never pass high level Regents....so much waste and also lower the damn heat! And do away with free breakfast and make families provide proof that they are eligible for free lunch! I have more ways to eliminate waste....oh one more thing...every time they make muti schools out of one school they hire more principals and useless aps.

Anonymous said...

Just read they will be hiring more bilingual ELL teachers.....come on

Chaz said...

Anon 10:03

Glad you asked. Here is what I would do.

First, reduce the Administrative bloat at Tweed.

Second, Significantly reduce consultant and Technology costs savings up to $500 million dollars annually.

Third, get rid of the Izone program which cost $50 million annually.

Fourth, place the ATRs in all the vacancies, that will save $100 million annually.

Finally, let the City Comptroller due an audit and found out and eliminate all the hidden money that are used to useless and wasteful programs. The savings? Who knows.


veteran teacher said...


Great ideas and they make 100 pct, but as you know, the DOE is not interested in common sense. They are interested in annoying their teachers so they quit.

The way I see it, ATRs, appointed teachers, or anyone tenured, our job is to ride this thing out as long as we can. Do our best day to day and never let our children attend a city school.

Anonymous said...

At my school, teachers are getting letters in their files if they don't pass at least 75% of their students, no matter how little they learned.
The principal has to increase the graduation rate to the level the City and State want, or they close us down and we all lose our jobs, so they're graduating kids who would have a hard time passing out of tenth grade.
BLOOMBERG!!! With your cooperative Learning, Differentiation, drive-by observations, school closings billion dollar deals with union flunkie Michael Mildew (spelling intentionally incorrect), you've made the NYCDOE a worthless piece of shit as you intended to.
A billionaire realizes that the education field could be an extremely profitable business.
Bye bye Public Education sysystem
Hello useless charter schoools.