Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Principals Abuse The Credit Recovery Program To Achieve Artificially Higher Graduation Rates The Data Shows.

The Department of Education released figures on how much "credit recovery" increased the citywide graduation rate.  According to the DOE the graduation rate increased by 1.7% due to "credit recovery" (Gotham Schools found it to be 2.6% for schools who had a credit recovery program}.  However, a closer look at the numbers showed that dozens of high schools had over a 5% increase in their graduation rates due to "credit recovery". 

One of the most egregious examples of the abuse of the "credit recovery" system was at the Mott Hall V in the Bronx that reported that an astounding 46% of the credits earned by the ninth graders in 2011 came from "credit recovery" and in the latest data from 2012  an astounding 26% of the school's high school students obtained credits from "credit recovery" programs, third highest in the City. The Principal blamed the budget for not having enough teachers to give the students the classes and students abusing the system to earn easy credits.  Maybe had he tried to hire experienced ATRs rather than the "newbies" he so dearly loves to employ and whom ended up leaving the school during the school year, it might have been different but that's a story for another time.

Since the 2012-13 school year "credit recovery" has been restricted and under the new regulations the principals can no longer abuse the program, or so they say (seeing is believing).  Is it little wonder that the college remediation rate is so high for our students and what value is there for a New York City diploma for those schools where "credit recovery" artificially boosted a school's graduation rate and  where credits only required a student to sit on a computer for a week and answer some multiple choice questions?

Will these principals be punished for abusing the credit recovery program?  Don't bet on it.  It's "children last"....Always.


Anonymous said...

I think these students should start a class action lawsuit against the department of education for allowing them to graduate without actually being educated

Anonymous said...

I promise you, the new "rules" will not curb credit recovery one bit.

Chaz said...

I agree with both comments.

Anonymous said...

Credit recovery is the biggest pot of snake oil cooked up by the Son of Satan imaginable. What possible knowledge of a subject could be obtained by repeating the bits and pieces of the course that you failed? Are you going to have a cohesive picture of the whole? Not unless you repeat the whole course and learn the subject matter in sequence, where it would make some sense. Another problem is that the students come to RELY on "credit recovery" and therefore fool around the first time.

Anonymous said...

chaz, you need to do a story on this eva moskowitz (witch) and her ballsy know it all attitude of constantly knocking our profession and that her rats ass school is the end all be all. It would be great to see you post a story to combat her crap that she spews.

Anonymous said...

Some of the newbies are being hired on "F" status - they get paid less, get no pension credit and have to work 60 days to accrue one sick day.
I know of a high school where an english vacancy - including two sections scheduled to take the Regents exam in January - is covered by a newbie on "F" status.
I think that the principal is taking advantage of this poor woman - who, I am told, is actually a good teacher despite never having taught before.
This is in another school where "credit recovery" is rampant. Oh, by the way, the principal is a Leadership Academy guy - what a shock!

Anonymous said...

Paras in charge of library at high school. Paras doing programing at other schools.....Schools using college counselors from outside the DOE while highly qualified college DOE counselors sit in excess in the schools teacher center. Schools using counselors )not qualified) from "non profit" organizations while DOE highly qualified counselors sit in the teacher center. This is rampant throughout the DOE schools and the mayor bloomterd goes on TV and brags how the kids are getting the BEST educators in front of them....LOL LOL LOL LOL BLOOMBERG WASTE BS ARTIST GET OUT OT TOWN MIDGET