Saturday, October 21, 2017

Coming To A High School In Your Neighbohood, More ATRs For The Bronx And Queens.

The Chancellor, Carmen Farina, has informed  226 teachers and other staff members that two Renewal high schools, DeWitt Clinton in the Bronx ( 96 staff) and Flushing high school (128 staff) in Queens, will have to reapply for their positions and add significantly to next year's ATR pool.  The two schools continue to struggle academically and were targeted by the DOE for poor performance.  Chalkbeat also has an article.

To be fair, both Renewal high schools have become a dumping ground for the Borough's students who have failed to land placements in other schools. Moreover, both Renewal Schools have high percentages of English Language Learners and Special Education students who usually have academic issues,  Finally, both schools have unstable administrations with the Principal of DeWitt Clinton, Santiago Taveras, accused of grade fixing and removed last November, while the Flushing High School Principal,  Tyee Chin, also accused of grade fixing removed this week.  Below are the latest statistics for the two schools.

School.....................ELL........Sp Ed....College Ready

DeWitt Clinton.........22%........18%...........19%

Just as important both schools  have high rates of chronically absent students, with DeWitt Clinton having 45% and Flushing 39%, which is down from the previous year's 46%.  The City average is 30%. and you can find the information in the latest snapshot for 2016-17 school year. 

You can read the stories on the two recently removed principals Here and  Here.

My understanding of the rules is that teachers not selected by the two schools for next school year will join the ATR pool but will be assigned to one school fore the school year and will only switch schools if the Principal requested his or her removal.  Expect most teachers who have 5 years or more experience in the two Renewal Schools to be excessed under the bogus 18D process.

The bottom line is that up to 150 teachers will be new additions to the ATR pool for the 2018-19 school year.  I guess DOE's draining the pool  is simply a pipe dream.


Anonymous said...

Would like to know where these two "removed" principles will end up. Each time an admin is removed they land at central with a meaningless title. Asher former principle of Brooklyn Tech now admin of ATRS! What a farce!

I was part of that reapply for your job when my school closed. The new mini schools took over and very few teachers were hired. Under rules school must hire 50% of staff but downsizing and discontinued programs will drop that percentage even lower.

When I was forced to become an ATR the only teachers hired there were the teachers with less than 3 years of experience. All veterans were dumped!

It did not matter that we had given our hearts and a lifetime to our school! Since that time my school has seen numerous failed principles, high teacher turnover, lack of adequate space, loss of music, art, electives, depts with master teachers, teacher cafe, athletic programs, and so much more!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only in the bizarre world of the DOE do employees already employed have to actually reapply for a job that the already were hired for to begin with. If I was stuck in one of those shitty schools I would not even bother reapplying. I would take my chances and be placed in a new school.(Must be in the same borough I believe)

Anonymous said...

listen to all the cry babies, yet you stay working for the worst school system in the country!only when you grow a pair (get your mind out of the gutters) I mean eyes, and see whats going on then come together (like the beatles said) and become 1 voice do you have a shot at rising above this foolishness. I feel your misery and its sad that when you wake up in the morning your first thoughts are "how bad of day will it be today", or "I cant wait for this day to end". The worst part is if you survive and retire what kind of career do you have to look back on!

chris said...

I spoke to 3 teachers at flushing and they were told they met every marker but grad rate by 2%. If anyone has half a Brain understands . All of these markers are BS . Most of these students come from mentally unstable homes and even the best teachers in the world wouldn't change the status or outcome of these markers or students . My wife works in the BEST high school district in NY state . She admits the teachers at her school aren't any different then the teachers at flushing . So spare me with this BS it's the teachers fault . It's a scam . I know first hand . I' was told by close state politician friends of mine . Cuomo is doing a slow death of us cause the political backlash from how He was doing the Bloomberg way didnt work well w/voters and his party . Cuomo's Masters hedge fund managers want it this way right now . Next Year LIC , Van Buren and some other schools on the list we be reinterviewed . Hence the "SLOW DEATH" . I went nuts on my political friends but their hands are tied . I only way to fix this is support Terry Gipson . He's going to primary Cuomo and has the support the ALL public education activists .

Anonymous said...

Us cry babies stay in the worst school system in NYS because we have a fat pension waiting for us. That is the ONLY reason most of us are still here.

Bronx ATR said...

Chris, Terry Gipson may have the support all public Ed activists but he doesn't have it from the entity that can make or break him - the UFT. You can bet your bottom dollar that the UFT will endorse Cuomo. Janus is their only concern.

Anonymous said...

Those of us with 10-20 years in are the last of a dying breed: the career teacher.

In the same way that you see cashiers and bank tellers disappearing in favor of 'self-checkouts,' what do you think all the "Student Centered Learning" stuff is about? (Latest solve-all-problems fad! Also called Inquiry-based learning, which is what we used to call busy work in the old days.) It's huge at many schools, mine included - and growing.

The whole idea is we just, 'build the field' for 5 minutes or so and then explain how to do the day's 'activity,' which means the worksheet or useless 'discussion' of the day - with worksheets on Google Classroom or big letters and pictures drawn on chart paper. APEX is another iteration of this 'do-it-yourself' style of 'education.'

We then just walk around to make sure they're working and to answer questions on how to do the work. So now Charter schools can certify their own teachers after a few weeks practice - where do you think the rest of education is heading?

"Why do we need high priced people with college degrees and licences in public schools when all they need is a body in the room to make sure the kids work?" This will be the discussion within two years.

They want to get rid of teachers who will qualify for pensions so they created that Danielsons fiasco to psychologically terrorize the newbies into quitting in only a few years. The need for 'more' teachers will result in more dumbing down of the requirements. Veterans from TIER 4 are the last with a decent package. We are being phased out - pushed out and the pace will pick up in the next few years.

What can we do when everyone is against us - Liberals, Conservatives, Parents, Politicos, admins and even students (as always)?

Work all the per session you can to pay off all debts fast and have money to invest! Get quality dividend paying stocks ASAP. Buy rentals. Stockpile some precious metals for insurance. Invest in passive income and business ventures online and offline.

We are the last generation that is not wholly addicted to technology and social media (and 'smart' phones). Fight back by not letting them make you a destitute victim. This is our fight now.

Anonymous said...

@ chris Sullivan you talk like a boss but I would equate you knowing anyone of importance "political friends" to me being an the mafia because my name ends in a vowel. exactly what is the BEST school district in the state, if that isn't a cry for attention. too many factors go into making a school district. so your statement makes no sense. it way to open ended. stop saying who best is and how many friends you have in Albany. if you work for the nycdoe your close to the bottom looking up!

Anonymous said...

The two removed principals will probably become field supervisors.

Anonymous said...

How did Cornelia Gutwein do when she was the principal of Flushing High School?

Does anyone have any good stories about her?

Anonymous said...

They will enjoy targeting and harassing teachers in their fifties. Thank you Mulgrew.

Anonymous said...

The UFT likes the pool so they can hire new teachers.

chris said...
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Anonymous said...

They will need to hire more Field Supervisors to harass and target ATRs.

Anonymous said...

you are so right 11:18!!!
Hey Mikey, Be a her0 ---Get a Buy out for Tier 4: 20/50 @ 40%.

Anonymous said...

@5:44PM - 20/50 @ full pension. That will catch people's attention.

Anonymous said...

More and more ATRs every year, and the FORCE PLACEMENTS of the same! What a HYPOCRISY!