Thursday, April 12, 2018

The New Chancellor Questions The Renewal Program

Less than a month on the job, Chancellor Richard Carranza has already questioned the Renewal Program and the ever changing criteria used to determine if a Renewal school closes or stays open.
According to the new Chancellor, everybody he speaks to have a different idea what the goals are.  Welcom3e to the DOE Mr. Carranza, where up is down and down is up.

The reason the new Chancellor is confused about the goals of the Renewal program is that most Renewal schools are overseen by failed administrators who were removed from their schools for various reasons.  The overall supervising superintendent was Ammie Horowitz who has been refereed many times in this blog.

If the Chancellor wants to change the Renewal program he must do the following:

  • Attract academically proficient students.
  • Reduce the high teacher turnover.
  • Encourage experienced teachers to apply.
  • Reduce the bloated Renewal program administration.
  • Stop making it a dumping ground for failed administrators.
Then and only then will the Renewal Schools have a real chance to escape the Renewal program.


Anonymous said...'re alive! Hope you are well...

I guess you spent more time than expected at TRS....

Anonymous said...

Chaz, while what you say is 100% true, the Chancellor has a lot bigger fish to fry right now. We are right at the start of contract negotiations. He is in for a big lesson in how Tweed politics work in our fine city. This is not Texas. Going to be interesting for sure.

Anonymous said...

I want to know where he stands on ending fair student funding and ending the insane ATR pool!!!

Just heard a guidance counselor who was in the same school all year is being rotated next week to a school with vacancy.

What do you think? Is Asher trying to place ATRs into vacancies before open market?

Anonymous said...

Schools that 'graduated' from the Renewals program (by being more skilled at the dog-and-pony bs than others) like mine suddenly had a 'Renewals Part 2" thing thrown at us.

Now we are in the "Rise" program for 1, 2 years- nobody knows for sure. We have to meet benchmarks now that are way ABOVE the city average. For example, a 92% graduation rate. Schools in the Renewal program already tend to have the toughest populations to educate.

Most schools have somewhere between 80-90% rates, and they are not in trouble.

I have less than nine years to go for a 20 year pension. Can I even make it in this weird alter-world of Danielsons Delusions and Awkward Programs?