Thursday, July 26, 2018

Success Academy's Manhattan High School Has 70% Of It's Staff Leave.

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Teacher turnover is a vexing problem in charter schools when it comes to retaining teachers.   On the average, charter schools lose 33% of their teaching staff yearly.  However, Success Academy's Manhattan high school has an even higher turnover rate.  The school admitted that 70% of its professional staff has left.  According to the Wall Street Journal article the breakdown is as follows:
  • 25 quit
  • 9 were dismissed
  • 13 took jobs elsewhere in the network.
  • Only 20 (30%) remain.
\Most of the teachers that left cited a punitive culture that focused on discipline and testing.

That left only 20 teachers who will return to the high school. No wonder Eva Moskowitz had SUNY 's  Charter Board try to weaken the teacher certification system for charter schools since her network experiences extremely high teacher turnover and eventually the influx of freshly minted "newbie" teachers will dry up as fewer college students are going into teaching, especially as the economy is on an upswing and teaching salaries and lack of respect cannot compete with other professions.

Under existing rules, only 13% of the teaching staff do not need to be certified and Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy will have a difficult time getting down to that percentage.  Look for the network to either get a waiver or manipulate the statistics to meet the 13% threshold.

Too bad her pals, Michael Bloomberg and Joel Klein cannot come to her rescue this time.


Anonymous said...

those numbers are wrong! charter school get rid of bad students and they get rid of bad teachers. those students and teachers end up with NYCDOE. NYC city has very low standards!

Anonymous said...

How much do they get paid? I've never seen a pay scale. That would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

3:36PM - Charter schools are very oppressive towards its staff. NYC schools could do better, but the public schools are dealing with all types of students. It's a multi-faceted issue - students of all educational backgrounds, parents that are not engaged, behavioral problems, home environment, students that don't study, etc. Stop blaming NYC teachers. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

The charter schools have extremely poor graduation rates!

Many parents are not aware of what is really going on in charter schools and continue to believe charters are better!

Anonymous said...

No payscale, nonunionized LOL. You must be a real winner working in a charter school hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Our problem is that a lot of urban public schools are trying to copy the charter school 'model' by adding endless professional developments (time wasters mostly), more bullying of teachers (euphemistically called 'support'), more emphasis on data (which is very unreliable when fickle kids are concerned), more of a workload (forcing teachers to do mega paperwork, more committees, etc) and the adoption of very poorly designed 'instructional models' that largely do not work.

At least in a public school we have a few more rights than in charter schools. We've had a few former charter school teachers join our staff and they say they would never go back to a charter school, describing it as high pressure and low respect.

Shady said...

Charters pick students. Charter have no Ells or special ed kids. The kids who could be special ed are ejected back to DOE. The pay scale probably sucks. Most charter teachers end up leaving charters whether they are Eva or not.

Anonymous said...

let’s remember there are a handful of uft charters or even 3 doe schools that converted to charter in 1998 before charter was a dirty word.

there are still a few good ones