Sunday, July 21, 2019

Chinese-American Community Rise Up Due To The SHSAT Debate

Until Nayor Bill de Blasio and his Chancellor, Richard Carranza, pushed to eliminate the SHSAT by claiming it was a "racist" test and anybody supporting it was "racist",  the East Asian community was non-0political and accommodating.   The blowback to the Mayor and Chancellor was immediate and severe.  The Chinese-American community rose up and called their politicians and the Mayor's plan was never voted on in Albany.

The Mayor and Chancellor tried to get their allies to support his plan to eliminate the SHSAT and allow every middle school student who was in the top 5% to be automatically enrolled in the specialized high schools.  The problem was they deliberately excluded the East Asian community and it was so blatant that even many of the Mayor's allies saw the exclusion of the East Asian community as discrimination.

The Mayor's and Chancellor's ill-advised attempt to eliminate the SHSAT gave rise to a politically conservative Chinese-American group that has become politically savvy and media sensitive that resulted in the City's plan to eliminate the SHSAT to become dead on arrival when it showed up at the Democrat controlled State Senate.

Many of the Serrate Democrats were recently elected in previously moderate Republican districts and are not allies of the progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio and don't want to be associated with him when they try to get reelected in their districts.  The Mayor's integration plan, while not directly affecting their communities still will have negative consequences by giving their Republican challenger a talking point that they are a "rubber stamp" for the Mayor.

Obviously, the Governor is no fan of the Mayor and with the Senate Democrats shifting toward the middle of the political spectrum as reelection nears, he Mayor's plan to eliminate the SHSAT looks to be a goner in Albany.


Anonymous said...

As whites disappear you will see more of this race on race acrimony and fighting.

To use their own terms (SJWs), are not the specialized high schools 'dis-proportionally' Asian? Shouldn't we do something about it?

Asians, welcome to the world we have been living in in a nation that was 90% one race when I was born. Imagine if China had mass immigration from Africa, Latin America and the rest of the world, so much so that the newcomers would openly talk of replacing you, erasing your history, and calling you racist oppressors and worse.

Imagine if some native Chinese people were brainwashed by activists into hating their own people, like our social justice warriors, and then aiding in the destruction of the Chinese people.

Imagine the future when Asians will be the 'privileged' ones who are blamed for every problem and soaked for every dollar to 'combat' injustice against other POC. We whites are toast. Our young have been taught to hate Western Civilization, their ancestors, capitalism, their very skin colors.

As you Asians take control of the nation over the next 30 years (Congress just let another 100,000 Indian software engineers in to add to the overclass erected upon us), you will have to contend with the leftist black/latinx/feminazi/socialist crowd all by yourselves.

Good luck. We few whites who will be left, apart from the small SJW crowd of anarchists, will be in the mountains and forests in our bunkers, waiting for daylight to return.

Anonymous said...

We can't blame just Carranza for this nonsense. DeBlasio and Carmen started this crap way before this Carranza got here. It is part of destroying whatever decent schools NY City has.

Has anyone heard of Dr. Ruby Fernandez? Google this moron. She runs these racist programs where she tries to beat up on Asians and whites. Ruby is in charge of getting blacks into specialized high schools. Last year she was able to get 7.25 students into Stuyvesant. The real number reported by the media was 7 but Ruby claims there's an incoming student who is .25 black. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:01 yeah you and Richard Spencer can snuggle nude under covers made from white power flags to stay warm.

Anonymous said...

8:44 how does a realistic prediction that whites are disappearing in the U.S. become a 'white power' slur?

At my school they have "Orgullo Latino" "Latin Pride" posters all over and they have only 'latinx' historical figures in the hall displays. Is 'Latino power' racist too?

What about "Black power?" They raise their fists (a sign of violence) and you know who is going to get beat when they have sufficient power.

Anonymous said...

Always lots of sick racist non-sense from Whites and Blacks. Seems like they have much more in common than they would like to admit. Race is an artificial construct to hold and maintain power. Changing the color of that construct doesn’t eliminate racism, just replaces it. That change is what everyone is seeing. I saw it happen in Jamaica when all the White, and many Chinese and Indian Jamaicans had to leave. That island once belonged to native Indians, just like this land.
It could happen here too. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Carranza can’t fight racism by becoming a racist.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:59 Yes, Latino Power stuff and Black Power stuff can be racist too, stop trying to change the subject with your whataboutism. You're talking about hiding out in bunkers and forests with other white people, "waiting for daylight to return". It reminds me of that Skrewdriver song where Ian Stuart sings "the morning will come when the world is mine." You sound EXACTLY like that. Listen, I'm classically liberal and disavow the SJW agenda just like you, but you sound like someone who is one step away from shacking up with national socialists. Retire, kids don't need you in whatever school you're in.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure the top 5% from a low performing ghetto school and the 5% from a top school in a good neighborhood are of course the same quality of students. From my point of view teachers in low performing schools give out grades like candy. A 95 in say a school in Red Hook and a 95 from a school in Dyker Heights are NOT the same.

Anonymous said...

Wondering how those black students forced into the school are doing? When I was at a specialized high school the tokens didn't do very well or try very hard. You could tell the minorities who actually made the grade and the ones who were taken in because of a quota.

Anonymous said...

@3:53 pm Quota? I thought specialized high schools do not have a quota? Isn't this the argument that Deblasion and carranza are making and trying to push?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ruby Ababio Fernandez, Senior Executive Director at Office of Equity and Access-NYC Department of Education, says and tells us in meetings:
1. Only blacks and browns have experienced discrimination
2. The test to get into specialized high schools is only to keep blacks/browns out. This test is racist.
3. You can be hispanic and not be brown then you are considered white. KKK kind of believes same thing when it comes to whites. Ruby just reverses it.
4. Whites should not and can't speak in her meetings or trainings. If you speak you will be called a racist. BE CAREFUL
5. Ruby has a 20 million dollar budget but only gets 7 black students into Stuyvesant. She also runs AP for All which is another failure by Carmen and Mayor.
6. Ruby tells us she switched jobs 4 times in 5 years in the DOE. She does not mention she is moved along for incompetency until she found her niche.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I would be considered a white male using the little boxes that we are shoving everyone into - but I have no interest in living in a bunker with the kind of people who are yelling "send her back" etc. Lots of people love this city and country for its diversity and all the great things that result from it.

Unfortunately, using racism and bias as a lens is in vogue in our NYC DOE - it is the new gimmick. When there is a new game in town all the frogs jump accordingly. I just hope it doesn't become a bigger issue in our actual schools - let the Tweed people play with themselves to their hearts' content.

Anonymous said...

The "Top 5%" idea assumes that the top 5% in all middle schools are at the same level of competence. Nothing could be further from the truth. I taught in the two lowest performing middle schools in my district. These two schools used to duke it out every year for the lowest place on the rankings. I also taught in the TOP middle school in my district. NIGHT AND DAY. The top school was actually a functional middle school that any one of us would be fine sending our kids to. There were fools who walked the halls, sure, but there was few of them and they were dealt with. There was a basic level of discipline. Students showed up prepared and completed their work. On the other hand, in the two sewers, the admin had to lower the threshold for Honor Roll to a 70 average jus so more than 10 kids would be on it. The top kids could barely write a paragraph, but looked like relative geniuses next to the ones who couldn't spell their own names. Teachers were expected to essentially do the work for the kids in order to get them to appear to pass. Grades were inflated because in a school this low functioning, ONE well written sentence is worth a 95. And that's the thing that this "Top 5%" idea is missing. The Valedictorian at one of the sewers was barely literate. But she showed up, attempted to do some work, and stayed out of trouble. But put her into that top performing school, and she'd be barely average at best.

Shady said...

I remember talking to DeBlasio years ago when his son Donte didn't get into Stuyvesant. DeBlasio told me one day he's going to make sure any black kid that wants to attend Stuyvesant will be able to do so without an exam. I thought he was joking but apparently he's as serious as running for president.