Friday, July 12, 2019

More Speed Cameras Rolling Out, More Money For The City

New York City will start rolling out more speed cameras and will have 720 by June of 2020.  The hours of operation will expand from 6am to 10pm weekdays.  This is an expansion from 7am to 4pm on school days.  This is part of Mayor De Blasio's vision zero policy.

Moreover,  the speed cameras can be placed in a 4 square mile parameter around a school.  This means that the City will maximize those locations where the can catch the most speeders and generate the most money.

While its true it will help school safety, the main purpose is to generate income for the City.  If it was simply a school safety issue, the City would install speed bumps around schools,


Anonymous said...

This has little to do with school safety; this is about creating revenue with tickets.

Anonymous said...

Has much more to do with milking the public for yet more money to misuse than it has to do with the safety of kids.

Anonymous said...

Good. I don’t care if it’s to make money, some of these drivers drive ridiculously fast near my school.

Anonymous said...

Why is it in leftist controlled cities (London, etc) they like to watch us more and more whether it is on the internet, on the roads, in public spaces - cameras everywhere!

Add to that leftist oriented companies like google, amazon, facebook, etc admittedly spying on us and our conversations on the phone, in our homes, etc - am I the only one who sees the coming of Big Brother here?

Shady said...

Even though speed cameras are not saving lives but helping screw us out of $$$ - I must tell you a story about Ricky "hallwalker" Jackson.

I was a dean in my 20s and Ricky was my enemy. He'd walk the halls 5 to 6 hours a day. He earned all his gym credits by the end of 9th grade. We used to award gym credits to hallwalkers. We also awarded music credits to hallwalkers who'd listen to music while walking the halls. Art credits to students who did graffitti. It was the best of times. We almost hit 93 percent graduation those years before the cheating scandal kicked in. We were on fire. We even took regents exams for students.

Going back to Ricky. Junior year he shattered the NY CIty cut record by early April. He had cut almost 90 percent of his classes. We celebrated Ricky in the dean's office but all received file letters. Our principal was not happy and claimed we are encouraging his behavior.

April 12th that year the chase was on. I decided to chase Ricky and catch him once and for all. Must have chased him for 7 minutes. Jumping down flights of stairs. Running up flights of stairs. I knew that day I will catch him. Ricky must have known too because he ran out of the building. I continued the chase.

As he runs up Amsterdam Ave he turns around to give me the finger. I screamed "stop Ricky - stop. Look out." As he turned around to run he got hit by a speeding cab on Amsterdam Ave. Knocked out cold. Bleeding and couldn't move.

Ricky was never the same after that. His hallwalking days were over. After that he'd roll down the halls in his wheelchair but still cursing us and flipping us off.

So yes maybe speeding cameras would have helped Ricky continue to walk and run the halls. We'll never really know. Ricky if you are reading this - FUCK YOU!!! You cost me my dean job and I had to go back to teaching 5 classes - you stupid fuck but I am not holding a grudge. Hope you are doing well and in college.

Anonymous said...

Bill Deblasio and AOC All Out Crazy are an embarrassment to New York City
Trump 2020 and bring back suspension school.. some of these kids do not need any more coddling
Go ahead I am ready to read all the replies about how what I am writing is 3 2 1

Anonymous said...

Speed bumps. Stop signs.

Not complicated.

But not lucrative either.

Anonymous said...

Good points. The city has no business taking money from sociopaths when it could be taxing workers instead. And who knows where the money would end up. Does anyone even know what the city spends all that revenue on?