Sunday, October 27, 2019

Chicago Teachers Strike Continues

The Chicago Teachers Strike continues for a third week and according to the Chicago City Government they are 100 million dollars apart, which is quite significant.  Moreover, the City has not agreed to a contract stipulation to lower class sizes and for every schol to have adequate support staff.

Already, Monday classes have been cancelled and things are not looking goiod since the Mayor's office has not joined the negotiations.  Historically, when negotiations are close to completion, then the Mayor's office gets involed.


Anonymous said...

"Red for Ed" means communist support for education 'activists.'

I hope people realize how communists are literally doing their 'long march through the academy' and touching on every aspect of life.

Many young people (under 30 crowd) are literally brainwashed now into thinking the USA is the most horrible, racist and unjust place on the planet. They do not know any history outside a distorted view of slavery and the civil rights movement. (They also do not believe any other countries except euro-derived ones ever had any bad history.

They have really taken off in recent years from about the middle of Obama's term, emboldened and thinking they would be on an unstoppable 'progressive' train ride that would dethrone 'whiteness' (eliminate white people from any political or economic power) and transform this nation into a multicultural paradise with a new socialist based form of government and eliminating that nasty, racist American Constitution.

None of what I have written here is untrue. They openly talk about it. You probably know young teachers who talk like this. I know about seven in my school who, to my face, will say things like: "We need to end white domination in society." "We need to dismantle the white power structures." "We need to bring socialism."

They are mass immigration enthusiasts because it will bring the change they want as new migrants want free stuff, and taking from whites is always popular.

In Chicago they were willing to give the teachers a good raise, but the social justice airheads want to recreate the Underground Railroad and Civil Rights Movement every single day. They do not realize they are tearing down their own house and it just gets worse and worse because of them.

We who are nearing retirement may smugly think we will escape the insanity, but wait ten years and you will see the 'social justice' types saying pensions for retirees must be reduced for racial justice, or something similar.

Wait for the changes as the new, brainwashed nitwit generation takes over.

michaelbelow said...

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