Thursday, October 31, 2019

One Out Of 10 NYC Students Are Homeless

The amount of homeless in NTC schools stayed stubbornly high at 114,000.  This is nearly the same as the previous year with 85% of the homeless students are either Black or Hispanic and that indicates that Mayor De Blasio's homeless policy has failed to put a dent in the homelessness.. Here is what the Mayor said about it.

It's common knowledge that homeless students have lower academic performance, higher absentees, and are more likely to be associated with behavioral problems.  Moreover, the lak of a permanent home usually results in the student to move from school to school and cannot establish a stable social structure which also negatively affects academic achievement.  Finally, many homeless students lack financial support and am involved faster which is associated with academic success.

Reducing the student homeless population is essential to improve student academic performance, especially in many of the Bronx and Brooklyn schools.


Anonymous said...

I have some homeless kids in my high school.

Most are recent immigrants. Bet they had a home in their home country.

Los Angeles and the surrounding area has tens of thousands of foreign homeless.

Look at Florida, it is no longer the American paradise it once was.

America should not be the flophouse of the world.

Anonymous said...

I’d take an undocumented immigrant kid over a Bronx ghetto rat any day of the week. We should do a trade - send them to the countries the immigrant kids are coming from. It would stop illegal immigration over night.

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of homeless students and immigrant students who live in terrible conditions like 15 family members in a one bedroom apartment. Yet leave it to Chaz to say my school is horrible on some BS list because these poor students didn't do well enough on the math and ELA regents to be college ready despite all the work we do to even move them an inch academically.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but unfortunately the bureaucrats believe the panacea is making better curriculum, providing more pd and having students work in groups and do accountable talk. Sorry, this doesn't cure poverty. These are just band aids that fall off easily and don't heal the wounds.You need to find a cure for poverty first before you can fix the problems of poverty and don't torment the teachers that work in these schools with troubled youth by rating them ineffective and developing on purpose because so many students are performing poorly.

Anonymous said...

if only the NYShitty school teachers would grow a pair and walk like others have maybe things will start to change, but if you did that your afraid you or your children will be poor like so many you teach. FEAR is a great motivator! @10:32 we can cure poverty but that would eliminate all those wealthy and super wealthy controlling everything including the school systems. how do you stop that train???????

Anonymous said...

Section 8 housing is nearly impossible to get into now. If you have a family go into a homeless shelter, that family gets priority for section 8. That may contribute to the amount of people in the shelters. It's so true that these kids have limited structure/routine and really struggle in the school environment sometimes. I also worked with a little girl who came from Puerto Rico after the hurricane...oh my gosh her mom took her to the states because she couldn't get her down the street in her wheelchair to get water because of all of the debris. Honestly so many of these kids lack basic can we expect them to excel in their academics?!

Anonymous said...

It's heartbreaking that so many children have so many difficulties.