Friday, September 12, 2008

Both The DOE and UFT Agree - Teachers Have No Rights When Assaulted & Abused

I have brought up how the anti-teacher crusade of Tweed has wasted over $146 million dollars in removing teachers from the classroom, whether it is in the "rubber room" or as an ATR. I also showed that any teacher can be brought up on charges of corporal punishment, verbal abuse, and sexual harassment just on a word of a student and his/her friend she tells that to. However, what about teachers who are physically assaulted, verbally abused, and sexually harassed and assaulted? Not a thing. How many times has a student cursed you out and the only punishment is a slap on the wrist, if any punishment at all. Further, how many teachers had been threatened by students who received no punishment whatsoever. Even teachers who were physically and sexually assaulted by students were ignored by the administrators. Sounds unbelievable huh? Unfortunately, it is so often true.

Let's look at what happened to classroom teacher Theresa Reel, who was sexually harassed, touched, and threatened and both the DOE and the UFT did nothing about it. In an August 15th article in the Chief, Ms. Reel described what happened and the lack of action by either the DOE or the UFT. In fact the administration told her if she continues with her complaints that if OSI is called in, they would treat her as the "guilty party"! Incredible isn't it?

The Chief in the Editor's opinion article "Razzle Dazzle" questioned why the teacher complaints of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual touching were not acted upon. The answer is quite simple. Teacher rights are not respected by the DOE and the UFT, despite Randi Weingarten's apparent outrage, allows this to happen time and again.

The union must lead the way to recapture teacher rights by ensuring that an independent investigation be done when the teacher and chapter leader inform them of abuse by students and administrators of the teacher. Presently, the union contract ignores abusive action against teachers as incredible as it seems. Was this omission in the contract deliberate or just more incompetent representation by our union? Whichever the case, this omission needs to be immediately corrected.

Is it any wonder that more and more teachers resign, retire, or just plain quit because of the abuse by the students and administrators, aided and abetted by Tweed. Our union? They just look the other way as their members are subject to an increasingly hostile work environment.


Pissedoffteacher said...

Teacher on teacher assault is also ignored.

A teacher told me today that a male teacher, walked into her room, grabbed her and kissed her on the lips, while she was teaching. He was never even reprimandeed. The guy did end his career in the rubber room, but only because of a fight he had witht he principal.

Anonymous said...

I was assaulted by a female teacher, an early tenant of a rubber room when they were very rarely used and only the very crazy or truly criminal ended up there. She pushed me and knocked me to the ground. The woman was obviously certifiable and had already confronted me at meetings right in front of the principal. That principal told me "it was my union's fault" that this lunatic attacked me. This principal went on to two or three more failed jobs and then retired. I, however,am still teaching in spite of the trauma I suffered at the hands of the crazy woman and the stupid incompetent nasty principal.

Elizabeth Blake said...

I can relate to all of this. I wrote an entire book, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND? THE TRUE STORY OF A TEACHER'S QUEST by Elizabeth Blake, just out on, about abusive principals and other stressful incidents I experienced while teaching at-risk students in an inner-city school. I loved my job and the students and found much joy teaching. I was an award-winning teacher but was driven out. I think society needs to know what teachers go through. Keep speaking out!

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

In the guise of protecting all children's rights they protect none.

Many schools are jungles and who's fault is that? the UFT? The Kids? the DOE? the teachers?

The system is working the way it is designed to work! I hate to think in terms of conspirecies but the evidence leaves me to the conclusion that this city has no interest in educating the children of the poor.

Anonymous said...

You got that right. There will not be a budget issue when there are less kids in the system. Middle class parents will eventually move their kids to somewhere else, be it private schs, or suburbs.

Anonymous said...

When teachers have no rights, then school discipline breaks down and the parents who know the score, flee the school. The result is a low preforming and dangerous school.

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