Sunday, September 28, 2008

Changes In My Favorite Blog List

It is one month into the new school year and it is time for editing my favorite blogs list.

Education in Texas - Just not rel event to what is going on in the New York City Public Schools.

Life After The Rubber Room - This blog started out well but has become quite boring of late and the posts are sporadic.

New York City Public School Blue - My favorite post but he has left the teaching profession. A great loss to both the profession and the educational blogosphere.

Syntactic Gymnastics - Another loss to the profession.

Fidgety - Great post about life in the "rubber room". A must read!

Flowers & Sausages - An entertaining post about the special education classroom.

Edwonkette - Great post on how she takes the DOE statistics and shows the real story.

Detention - News items with a humorous twist. Quite funny.

Justice - He is currently on sabbatical but has interesting posts.

Proof Of Life: - A great blog about how an outspoken teacher must put up with administrative abuse and incompetence.

Blogs in danger of being dropped:
JD2718 - Once my favorite blog but lately he rarely provides any real information that is of interest to me. He seems to spend the majority of his posts on math puzzles and his trips. I have not taken JD2718 off my list because occasionally he does post a real interesting article about our union contract and bad schools to work for.

untamed Teacher - She has not posted since June and if there are no posts by next month. I will drop the post.


NYC Educator said...

I really like Fidgety. I get the feeling that's exactly what the RR must be like, and man is it scary.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

I am catching hell even on sabbatical! Without getting into specifics, as I have been advised, since I have identified myself I believe I am an offical DOE target! Paranoia you say? "You aint paranoid if some one is out to get you."

Stay tuned.....

Thanks for your moral support.

Chaz said...


The DOE wants its teachers to be quiet while it destroys the older and experienced teacher. Like you, I an not a lemming and will expose DOE abuses whenever possible.

The Bus Driver said...

love the new choices for blogs, I've gotten into another one called regurgitated alphabits.. quite funny.

Hall Monitor said...

Thanks for the love. I'll be hooking you up with some traffic on October 8th. Be sure to check out DetentionSlip on that date.