Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Is A Good Idea For The Schools If Principals Were Required To Teach At Least One Class In Their Certification Area.

I was reading the article in the New York Daily News about how some principals make time to teach classes despite their Administrative responsibilities. I previously wrote an article that said that it was a good idea for principals to teach a class back in October of 2006, Here. In the secondary schools the Principal would be required to teach in his or her certification. While in the elementary schools the Principal would be required to teach an agreed upon period, maybe the school's Chapter Leader's class since the CL does get an extra period off for union business.

Having the Principal teaching a class in his or her certification area is good in many ways. First, the Principal will be connected to the students and see first hand what the issues are, assuming the class represents the school and not a "gifted and talented" class for example. Second, the Principal can be evaluated using the same evaluation standards that are being developed for the teacher and make the Principal more sensitive to the teacher evaluation process. Third, it could save money as ever deeper budget cuts affect the school. Finally, the Principal can better understand and direct the scarce resources the school receives and Professional Development Programs to what actually works in the classroom.

Unfortunately, many of the newer principals come from the "Leadership Academy" and some of them are not even tenured as a teacher! Therefore, teaching a class is even more important to these "Leadership Academy principals" since it gives these principals valuable experience in not only teaching a class but to better evaluate other teachers when doing observations. Moreover, these principals will connect not only with the trials and tribulations of the teachers but better appreciate the issues affecting the school's students. This can only help not only the Principal understand the school's issues but bring collaboration with the teaching staff and help make a better school.

There are too many principals that hide in their office and hardly interact with students and staff. When they do interact it is usually for negative issues such as discipline and behavior problems. The result is distrust between the Principal and the school population. By having the Principal teach a legitimate class it brings the school population closer together and allows for a free flow of ideas that can only improve morale and help the students to achieve academic success. That is what makes a successful school.


Anonymous said...

It is an open secret that many of our current principals are failed and/or inexperienced teachers. This accounts for their antipathy towards teachers and ignorance of effective teaching styles. I don't see these folks exposing their classroom difficulties but I could be wrong.

james boutin said...

Good idea, but many of these administrators in classrooms is honestly a scary thought.

Anonymous said...


I think most of your posts are a bunch of whiny negative BS, but this post is EXCELLENT.

In this post you have clearly outlined a positive change schools can make and I couldn’t agree with you more. This is a great idea whether they are experienced teachers who are now administrators looking to keep in touch with the teachers and students, or if the are inexperienced teachers who are now administrators looking to learn more about the everyday challenges of the teachers and students.

This is something I believe the teachers union should fight for. It will benefit the administration, students and the especially the teachers.

The Rack is more fun than teaching. said...

I would not allow my son to be taught be a principal (or chancellor for that matter) who has not been in the classroom for a long time. When I taught at a high school where APs were required to teach at least one class most times the class was covered due to meetings or other nonesense the AP was required to do.

While I see your point in practice it would be a mistake.

Chaz said...

Anon 1:07

Good to see we agree on something. However,you are still not following the rules with the unnecessary personal attacks directed by your "Unity Masters".

You can disagree with me but no more personal attacks if you want me to post your comments.

Anonymous said...

NO, they would pick off the best class with the brightest students. The entire episode would be only for show and a teacher would be deprived of such a class. Bad idea!!

Anonymous said...

One principal taught only honors classes. Of course, they were well behaved. The same principal refused to enter the other classes because of behavior problems. Principal taught for 3 years and then silver-stroked higher-ups and eventually became corrupt, teacher-stalking principal.

Anonymous said...


First, calling your posts whiny negative BS is not a personal attack, it is just stating my opinion of a majority of your posts. Second, your entire blog is made up of personal attacks on people; the union representatives, the mayor, the out going Chancellor, the in coming chancellor, administration, etc.

I believe what you meant to say is there are no personal attacks on Chaz and Chaz’s ideas allowed. You are great at attacking others but have major issues if someone challenges your thoughts and ideas.

Anonymous said...

I understand that principals would pick the best classes to teach, but I still believe it would beneficial for the students. Students seeing principals and other administration at a teaching level, and principals and other administration seeing students at a classroom level would benefit the relationship for both groups.

Hopefully some principals would take the opportunity to work with the more difficult classes. There are a few good principals out there beleive it or not.

The idea is not perfect but it would be better than doing nothing. I hate when you see these comments bashing an idea without providing any alternative approach.

Chaz said...

Anon: 4:01

I agree with your comments in its entirety. Some principals are good and caring administrators and having them teach can only enhanced their stature wih the school's students and staff.

Anon: 1:o7

calling my posts "whinny and negative BS" without bringing in any evidence to support the opposite position is a personal attack, nothing more. If you want to disagree with me by showing the error in my posts, fine. However, show me evidence to prove your point, something you have failed to do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59
When someone describes the plight of the ATRs or the Rubberized it is difficult not to sound negative. When I describe the Great Depression in my class I wonder if students brand me as negative. In other words, if the system is failing, are those who describe it properly branded as negative? Are those who criticize others as whiny or negative themselves whiny and negative?

Anonymous said...

Please remove the last post as it is off topic and a personal attack.

Chaz said...

Anon 4:46:

I believe that Anon 4:38 is correct. He or she was just explaining to you that it is sometimes necessary to be negative when showing wrongdoing. Furthermore, i don't see this as a personal attack.