Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Breaking News. Cleo Lacy Tells All About His Role On The ATR Oversight Committee And Much More.

Up until now the UFT has refused to disclose who is on the ATR Oversight Committee and what issues have been discussed, if any. Why the secrecy? However, I have managed to get an exclusive interview with the one and only Cleo Lacy. Yes the very same Cleo Lacy who hijacked my blog back in 2006.

Chaz: It is my understanding that you are on the ATR Oversight Committee. Is that correct?

Cleo Lacy: Somebody must represent those “lazy and bad teachers” who are ATRs, It might as well be me.

Chaz: Why are there no ATRs on the ATR Oversight Committee?

Cleo Lacy: Because their opinion does not count and only our union leaders know how to negotiate with the DOE.

Chaz: You mean like the 2005 contract that caused the ATR crisis in the first place?

Cleo Lacy: Grrrrrrrr. We got them a raise didn’t we?

Chaz: Have you met with the DOE on the problems associated with the ATR Agreement?

Cleo Lacy: What problems? There are no problems. Everything is running smoothly. Look how many “lazy and bad" ATRs found jobs?

Chaz: Many of those placements are provisional and in terrible schools in a different Borough.

Cleo Lacy: “So what”. A job is a job.

Chaz: Did you meet with the DOE?

Cleo Lacy: I did but I can’t remember what was discussed.

Chaz: How can you not remember what was discussed?

Cleo Lacy: The meeting was so boring that I fell asleep.

Chaz: Didn’t the UFT bring up the ongoing problems like Principals not hiring ATRs for their vacancies? The insane commutes for High School teachers In District 76. How about the failure of the DOE to live up to the ATR Agreement?

Cleo Lacy: I don’t see any problems and neither do the rest of the ATR Oversight Committee.

Chaz: Did you come to any agreement?

Cleo Lacy: Yes, we all agreed the ATRs are a pain in the ass!

Chaz: You think it is fair for the teachers in District 76 to travels two hours to Get to their weekly assignment in Brooklyn or Staten Island?

Cleo Lacy: When I did teach in the classroom decades ago, I walked 6 miles uphill in the snow to and from the school and never complained.

Chaz: What do you hope happens to the ATRs?

Cleo Lacy: I wish they would retire or resign. Their complaining gives me a headache.

Chaz: What about the age discrimination issue and the data that appears to support it?

Cleo Lacy: There is no age discrimination. Look at me, I am older than dirt and ugly to boot. The union just worships me. The senior ATRs are not being hired Because they are not “quality teachers” ask Mayor Bloomberg & Chancellor Walcott.

Chaz: Why didn’t you leave to Washington D.C. with Le Gran Fromage?

Cleo Lacy: Because she wanted me to spy, eh, I mean be her “eyes and ears” in NYC.

Chaz: If you were to become UFT President. What would your priorities be?

Cleo Lacy: Global advocacy of teacher rights like Durfur, Somalia, and Mexico.

Chaz: How about ATR rights?

Cleo Lacy: They have a job don’t they? Nobody is putting them in jail.

Chaz: Would you allow the DOE to impose a ATR time limit?

Cleo Lacy: Let the DOE fire them. I am not Michael Mulgrew and I am not bound to protect those “lazy and bad” ATRs

Chaz: Wouldn't that violate civil service protections and start a "slippery slope" to destroy tenure and teacher rights?

Cleo Lacy: Who gives a shit! Hmmmmm maybe I need to rethink my answer on that issue.

Chaz: How do you feel about the DOE pilot program to evaluate ATRs in Brooklyn?

Cleo Lacy: Great idea. I would have approved it myself, except I fell asleep at The last meeting when it was discussed.

Chaz: Finally, what was your reaction on what Mayor Bloomberg said about teachers and class size?

Cleo Lacy: We need more teachers, not less so we can collect more dues and I can raise my already bloated salary and fund our pet projects. However, I have no objection to increasing class sizes since I no longer teach in a classroom with those horrible kids.

Chaz: How do you feel that many members believe you are loyal to the union Leadership and not to the members in the trenches?

Cleo Lacy: Screw them, screw them all. They are just jealous about my double pensions, air conditioned private office and six figure salary. Punks! I hope they all die.

Chaz: Thank you for your time and for letting the public know what the real Cleo Lacy is like. I wish the other UFT Leadership Committee members would step forward and out of the shadows to inform us of what is really going on behind closed doors.


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You and A.T. are incredibly talented and funnnnnny!

Anonymous said...

Extremely funny. Cleo Lacy returns. Did he ever leave?

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Love this and needed a good laugh. Afterall, truth is stranger than fiction!!!!

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Probably not too far from the truth.

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chaz, you are soooo funny. I can't stop laughing when I read it again and again.

What is scary is I can see this actually happening at one of these meetings.