Sunday, December 25, 2011

The DOE Is Really Acting The Part Of The Grinch As They Are Moving Reassigned Teachers Out of Their Borough.

Yes, it is true, the day of the "rubber room" is gone. No longer are there 800+ teachers reassigned to various TRCs throughout the City. However, for some teachers accused of serious misconduct or criminal issues The DOE Grinch is back as these two dozen or so reassigned teachers that were removed from the schools are being reassigned out of their Borough and in one outrageous case a Queens teacher was sent to Staten Island! Yes, Staten Island until his 3020-a hearing is completed.

It appears that the DOE does not care to follow the contract when it comes to these reassigned teachers, knowing full well that by the time the union files a successful grievance, the teacher will either be sent back to the school or terminated. Previously, only those teachers under Chancellor's discretion were sent out of the Borough. Now it seems that the DOE is trying to make it as difficult as possible for the reassigned teachers who are sent out of their schools.

For those reassigned teachers during this Christmas the DOE is certainly acting the part of the Grinch by punishing them with long commutes and disrespect to their personal situations..


vet teach said...

This is just wrong if it is true. It is a shame that the union is so chicken #$*% to file a grievance/law suit b/c of their worries about PR.

Chaz said...


Unfortunately, it is true. I know the teacher who was sent to Staten island and the union should be making an effort to reverse it but they don't.

Anonymous said...

Keep voting for Michael Mulgrew.
Mulgrew=Destruction of the Union

vet teach said...

The union really is a bunch of cowards. They are just as guilty of creating the 2nd class citizen nonsense us atrs are as the city is