Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Fifth Column, "Educators4Excellence" Shows Their True Colors By Signing A Letter That Destroys Teacher "Due Process Rights".

The Educators4Excellence (E4E) cult, lead by Evan Stone & Sydney Morris, two failed teachers who couldn't last in the classroom over three years, have finally tipped their hand by signing on to the education reformer letter to Governor Cuomo asking that the Governor require a "default plan" teacher evaluation system be developed by the New York State Education Department and to be imposed on the School Districts. This "default plan" would bypass the "union's collective bargaining rights" and all but eliminate teacher "due process rights".

My question to those phonies at E4E is how can you claim to support the rights of the teachers you represent when you put your organization (cult) against the union's "collective bargaining rights" and eliminate teacher "due process rights"? How are teachers who are unfairly targeted by vindictive principals protected by this "default plan"? My guess is you really don't care about screwing the teachers you claim to represent. The union did the right thing by opposing the elimination of teacher "due process rights" by requiring that principals prove to an independent Arbitrator that the targeted teacher is truly "ineffective". Even the principals throughout New York State have been signing a petition opposing the teacher evaluation system as hastily developed, unproven, and too reliant on questionable testing protocols. Furthermore, over 1,130 principals and counting have signed the online petition and yet E4E, who claims to represent teachers , falls lockstep into the teacher bashing education reform agenda.

For those teachers who have been lured by the false promises of E4E, please open your eyes and see that this cult is not out to protect your rights" or put "children first". E4E's real agenda is to destroy public education and make teaching a temporary job where tenure and teacher "due process rights" are no longer allowed in their new "hire and fire" world. Remember, who do you think funds them? Right! education reformers not educators. Is it any wonder that E4E does the bidding of those education reform organizations and not what is best for the teachers. Shame on E4E in putting the interests of their education reform masters ahead of the teachers they claim to represent.


Anonymous said...

I want everyone to listen. I am sick and tired of these people who teach for less than five years and go into administration. Many of these people are U rated as teachers who could not stand the classroom . Most of them close lock there doors and want nothing to do with any problems that you may have in your classroom (unless of course the student makes a complaint against the teacher and then all hell breaks loose.)Furthermore if you ever listen to news articles these people do not call themselves administrators. Rather they call themselves educators. Let me tell you something there is a big difference between the two. An educator is someone who hates the classroom, could not stand being with the students, yet wants to tell teachers how to do there jobs. Furthermore an educator knows they they can make nore money with less headaches by not being in the class room. A teacher is someone who is trying to help students be the best they can be.

Anonymous said...

E4E = Educators for Excrement.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't trust E4E morons to train a dog to sit and they think they can run a school system - scary!!!

Anonymous said...

The answer to all of this lies in the Freedom of Information Law.

Most school districts are just absolutely "thrilled" when they have to open up their secret files to the public!

Take a look:

And take a look:

Connect the dots!

The "true secret" to improving education in the State of New York is buried deep within the personnel and labor relations files of the state's school districts.

Anonymous said...

I was on Facebook about a year ago and had a full blow out with one of those idiots from E4E. Clearly, they aren't interested in kids. They scurried out of their teaching jobs. They are quiters! Who would take advice from those quiters????

Anonymous said...

Blast these idiots on their facebook page!!!!!