Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Mayor4Life and His Pet PoodleThe Chancellor Demands That Only The Principal Can Evaluate Teachers. Why This Is A Very Bad Idea.

Over the last couple of days both the Mayor4Lfe, Micheal Bloomberg, and his pet poodle, Chancellor Dennis Walcott, have made statements that supports even the worst principal actions as unworthy of their removal. For example, take the case of Principal John Chase Jr. who has been found guilty of "sexual harassment" by the DOE's Office Of Equal Opportunity under Chancellor's Regulation A-830. With two more separate investigations still ongoing. The real question is why wasn't SCI investigating this?

The Principal, John Chase Jr, who sources claim mainly hired young and pretty "newbie" female teachers for a tough, urban high school, (seven of the eight teachers he hired were young and female) has been accused time .and again by the female staff of inappropriate sexual comments and uninvited behaviors. Incredibly, the DOE did not fire the Principal. The only punishment given to this perv Principal was "sensitivity training". The article can be found here. In fact there is a protest today Link that includes the local politicians, political leaders, staff, and parent groups. More importantly, the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.) is also joining the protest. Yet, what does the Mayor's Poodle say about the Principal?

“I’m not going to remove him, but he knows he cannot have any similar type of comments. He is on a very strict line as far as his behavior,” .

Moreover, the Mayor4Life on a radio show said principals like John Chase Jr. should have full control of teacher evaluation nobody how sleazy they are. He said the following:

The principals’ job is to decide who’s good, who’s bad. It’s their judgement, that’s their job.” The Mayor further argued that occasionally subjective actions is simply the way that things work with bosses.

According to the Mayor4Life Principal John Chase Jr. can sexually harass his female staff and if they refuse his advances, he can just rate them "ineffective" and terminate them.

Principal Chase is another poor example of a "Leadership Academy Principal" and the Mayor4Life and his pet poodle, the Chancellor, should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this outrageous case of a double standard.


OTE admin said...

As you know, I taught in Nevada, not NY, and it was impossible to fire principals at my old district. My last two were completely unethical and/or incompetent. My last one was merely reassigned when she illegally fired me, while the one previously was finally DEMOTED--should have been fired--only because an irate husband decided to go to the PTB and raise a stink:


This principal was doing this for years and years, by the way. And he STILL is working for Washoe County School District.

Anonymous said...

Who thinks that a Part 83 complaint ("Determination of Good Moral Character") should be filed with the professional conduct officer of the State Education Department against the principal?


Anonymous said...


Bloomberg is going to stand up to you Union thugs. I hope he fires 50% of the teachers in every school!!

veteran teacher said...

hey chaz,

can we be sent to a school for a 2nd time over the school year like in a repeat?


Chaz said...

Yes you can