Friday, February 17, 2012

The "Teacher Evaluation System" Is A Win For The State, City, and Union. However, the Losers Are The Teachers And The Students.

The approval of the "teacher evaluation system" has been hailed by the State and City as a success and will allow principals to grade teachers in four categories, "highly effective", "effective", "developing", and yes, the all important "ineffective" rating. The union also congratulated themselves by ensuring that some semblance of "due process" was retained in the agreed upon version. At least for the 13% that the union chooses to fight for. However, to the teachers in the trenches it is the beginning of the end for teachers who want to make a career of teaching and believe that a student should be exposed to "total learning". Instead, teachers will be teaching to the test, trying to recruit the "best students" (no attendance, behavioral, or academically challenged students wanted), and instead of collaborating with fellow teachers to help all the students in the subject area, look to them as competitors which can only hurt the most needy of students.

The fact the all the education reformers, even those "fifth columnists at E4E" praised the deal is proof enough the "teacher evaluation system," is terrible for the classroom teacher. Worse, will be the effects on the students, instead of being taught about a topic and provide enrichment to make the learning of the topic interesting and understandable the student will be subject to endless test preparation and get to dislike school as boring and unbearable. Instead of a total learning experience, these students will receive a narrowly focused education linked to questionable tests that will not allow for real student academic growth. Finally, the lack of teacher collaboration means that students who are being taught by struggling teachers will not be able to receive help from the other teachers since the "teacher evaluation system" pits one teacher against another. No longer will a teacher offer to tutor other teachers students knowing that if she succeeds in improving his academic standing, it could work against her when that student's improvement will be credited to his classroom teacher who is then compared to the teacher's own students.

This "teacher evaluation system" will lower, the already low teacher morale, force a destructive competition between teachers, and eliminate collaboration between colleagues, necessary to help all the students. The losers are truly the teachers and their students with this untested, poorly organized, and potentially abusive procedure that will leave both teachers and their students behind.


Anonymous said...

It will now be much easier to fire teachers as well. The burden of proof switches to the teacher to show she is innocent. 2 U ratings are all that is needed. The U ratings will first be reviewed by RMC Research Corp. (The PIP Plus People) and therefore, the teacher will have no shot in saving her job. Isn't it time that teachers stand together and fight this system. It could be you next

Invictus said...

Wait until the stuff really hits the fan...I calculated that there can be up to 16,000 teacher a year being marked with this "I" in their forehead...especially looking at the light that there are 4 categories and all are equally divided. But then, it can also be much worse, the Distinguished/Highly proficient people being very few, with the bulk being marked "developing" and some being proficient.

In the hands of an abusive administrator, this is the ultimate torture device to pit teacher against teacher or to drive teachers insane.

There will be absolute chaos as teachers begin to show their "I"s in their foreheads.

The UFT will see how they will like what is to happen to their membership. Perhaps will latest insult once again trying and testing the sheepishness of the membership might actually have people outright rebel against it.

Anonymous said...

Only in a DYSTOPIAN novel would I expect to read anything like you mention here. Being a teacher going on my 15th year in a large public high school, I agree with what many of the scenerios you explain.

veteran teacher said...

how will teachers who do not have standardized testing be rated? ie middle school social studies, art , phys ed etc.

i just don't get this. like everything, the city will screw up.

the long island teachers will be screwed

Anonymous said...

"Isn't it time that teachers stand together and fight this system. It could be you next."

Of course. Many know this, but read Dystoyevky's The Grand Inquisitor and you will find that it is human nature for many to want to follow a natural born inspirational leader. The problem is that we have none in the UNITY caucus. None! Play your part - spread the word about what is truly happening in your own school. Post links to your friends and family via facebook. It is the least we can do to perhaps move a pebble and thus eventually create more movement.

Anonymous said...

Can you print the exact text of the press release or article which revealed that RMC Research Corporation will be reviewing the U-ratings?

I guess the first step to fight the new system would be to file a Federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Education Law §3012-c once it's clear that the law is causing results that are based on arbitrary and capricious conduct.

There's also the issue of Mulgrew and Iannuzzi entering into agreements without taking a vote of the membership.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Ones (Wall St., Military Industrial Complex, fill in the blank) have run this country into the ground-The Second Great Depression, and the cusp of WW III, which they won't hesitate to commence if the economy completely bursts.

This horror and scam created in the school system is child's play to them.

They LIE about what do you expect from them? Why are you surprised? The time has past to overthrow the UFT, the most accessible culprit in this scene. But they should STILL be overthrown.

Rupert Murdoch has publicly stated that "the public school market is targeted at $500 BILLION market per year"...and that is what it's all about. How many other $500 billion markets in this country are there...?

veteran teacher said...

surprise, surprise, seems as though a deal isn't truly in place.

they're putting on a facade to get the federal money so this way, bloomberg can give buddies consulting deals.

what a waste of time this system is!

Anonymous said...

Sold down the river again buy the UFT if we all stand together we can overthrow Mulgrew who seems to be in Bloomberg's pocket...

NY_I said...

This system will surely worsen toxic competition between teachers and vindictiveness rather than support from administrators.

You can fight back with other teachers against the government's assault and the UFT's sell-out of teachers with this evaluation system.

Keep your eye peeled for announcements as to the time and location of
the March 10 State of the Union, Part II meeting launching a new caucus to oppose the union's scandalous leadership and this tragic evaluation law.

Anonymous said...

First of all the U in Michael Mulgrew stands for U rated teacher. I am sick and tired of a union leader who does not teach and yet knows it all. I am sick and tired of school administrators some whom were U rated teachers and most who never more than 5 years now rating teachers.Most of them couldnt wait to get out of the classroom. I am sick of a chancellor who taught for one year, couldnt wait to get out of the classroom and is know the education leader. There is a solution to all this. I will know propose it. 1) Test baby test. Test all teachers, administrators, right up through the chancellor in content area exams. Lets see if they have the skills and abilities to judge teachers. If you want to be a principal or higher you would have to pass four content area exams with 100 higher than the teachers.
This would include an exam in math, one science (either biology, earth science, physics, or chemistry exam), history exam and english exam. Those who could not pass exams would have there license suspended until they can pass these exams. If supervisors want to rate teachers lets make sure they have the knowledge to do so. 2) Its time for cameras and audio equipment in the classroom. I propose that teachers on a voluntary basis can have such equipment placed in the classroom. A set of rules and regulations as proposed by the teacher shall be given to all students. Those students who do not follow the rules shall be removed from the classroom. A teacher shall have the right to file a grevience against any administrators who refuses to remove a student. Those administrators who are found to be in violation of not removing a student shall be U rated and removed from there school. Unless something drastic is done I prdict that 60-70 percent of teachers will end up with U ratings given by incompetent supervisors.

Anonymous said...

It is about time that teachers are reviewed. The rest of the US work force is reviewed and measured, there is no reason teachers shouldn't be also.

Anonymous said...

Chaz, I like how you only approve the comments you want to be seen. I am not surprised you are afraid to be challenged.

Anonymous said...

Teachers have to organize outside the UFT and challenge this new law. It will be a waste to bring the UFT into this lawsuit. The problem is that it is going to cost money. So who is in? Tell us more about the organizational meeting; where and when. We need to act NOW!! While the UFT is still in final negotiations. Maybe, just maybe we can have some influence.

Invictus said...

Anonymous 1:44, I guess it is time that teachers ought to be reviewed, because "I am reviewed" as all workers in America are. Sure, lets be fair and review all the corporatists and bankers that almost/sank the economy back in 2008. Lets review all the parents who could careless about what their children do or do not do in school. Lets review all the politicians and their bank accounts, their shady dealings. As long as everyone in society is reviewed equally, I am all for the review.

Ah, and by the way, we should implement the same scale, Ineffective, developing, proficient and distinguished.

Lets see the problem, what should we do with parents who are rated "ineffective" two years on a row?

Choice A: Stalinist Method of termination.
Choice B: Re education camps a la Cultural Revolution, now, all things Chinese are fashionable.
Choice C: fingerpoint at the pests that came out with such vicious and ridiculous idea and make them choose either A or B.
Choice D: What me? I am better than all of you, I should be exempt from such review as the 1%.

Go to a inner city school for 1 week and see what almost all teachers are talking about.

Chaz said...

Anon: 1:45pm

How little you know about me. The only comments I delete are the ones that include personal attacks and from "Unity Hack" who attempts to give deliberate misinformation and personal information about me.

I believe you now need apologize for your very incorrect statement.