Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Disconnect Between The UFT and The DOE On Teacher Hiring In The Turnaround Schools Is Just So Confusing To The Teachers In Those Schools.

I am in a "Turnaround school" and am completely befuddled on the hiring protocols for the new schools that are replacing the 24 closing schools, assuming the UFT and CSA don't get an injunction on Wednesday.

According to the UFT, hiring will be based upon total DOE seniority if the applicant is qualified for the position.  That means being properly certified, getting a satisfactory rating, and good attendance.  However, the DOE seems to have a different opinion.  According to the letter I received, the successful candidate will also need to demonstrate the following:

  1. Detailed lesson plans that include student differentiation requirements.
  2. The ability to integrate Common Core standards in the lesson.
  3. Project based learning.and using a blended learning model.
  4. Ensure consistency with the Danielson Framework Model.
  5. Incorporate technology as a major part of classroom teaching.
Even if the teacher meets all these requirements, the Principal can still select who she or he wants, at least according to the DOE.

I guess the disconnect between the UFT and DOE is the result of of how section 18D of the contract (pages 108-109) is both sides  In the mean time, 3,000 teachers are in a state of confusion as they must decide whether to apply to their turnaround schools or go on the open market to look for a more stable teaching position.  Based upon my school, many of the teachers are seriously considering going to try their luck on the open market and not go through the humiliating experience to beg for their positions back.  As for me?  I have not made up my mind yet.



Anonymous said...

Read 18D3: "If another school(s) is impacted (i.e., closed or phased out), staff from the impacted school(s) will be guaranteed the right to apply and be considered for position s in the School. If sufficient numbers of displaced staff apply, at least fifty percent of the School's pedagogical positions shall be selected from among the appropriately licensed most senior applicants from the impacted school(s), who meet the School's qualifications."
What does most senior applicants mean? Does it necessarily mean seniority order? It is vague.

What does qualified mean? I think you have to meet all of that stuff from the posting to even be considered qualified.

Look at the Ellen Fox arbitration to see what wide latitude the DOE has in terms of the rehiring.

Anyone from an impacted school would be wise to think twice before they try to return.

Chaz said...

My understanding is seniority is based upon total DOE seniority in the certification area.

As for the rest? Just mass confusion if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit? The year is over. Enjoy the summer!

Leonie Haimson said...

This is awful!

Unitymustgo! said...

Chaz your missing the part about if sufficient numbers apply. At my last chapter meeting suddenly out of nowhere the language changed and that line was focused upon. It would appear that the union allowed for a hole in the contract big enough for the DOE to drive a few thousand teaching positions through. The way it was explained to me at that meeting was if 50% of the staff doesn't reapply then (and I quote) "all bets are off." It was explained that even if you don't intend to take a position at the newly opened school you should apply for the sake of your fellow teachers. To me this whole fiasco begs the question of just how incompetent is our union?

Chaz said...


I will be the first to tell you that I do not understand the iterations of the hiring process. You can be right about this but as of this moment I am completely confused about the criteria of who gets hired and who does not.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you who will be hired..untenured cheap teachers..that's who!