Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Emperor And His Poodle, The Chancellor Wants To Be Judge, Jury, And Executioner When It Comes To Teachers Accused But Found Not Guilty Of Sexual Misconduct By Arbitrators.

Today the Emperor, Michael Bloomberg and his poodle the Chancellor, Dennis Walcott, has proposed a law that will eliminate  "due process rights" for teachers accused of sexual misconduct.  According to the Emperor's bill any teacher accused of sexual misconduct will still get an independent Arbitration hearing under section 3020-a but the final decision will be left to the Chancellor.  Yes, the very same Chancellor who has prejudged twenty-four teachers guilty of sexual misconduct when faced with the evidence, the various independent arbitrators found none. 

This bill, which stands no chance of becoming law, is just another attempt by the Emperor and the Chancellor to weaken union protections and eliminate teacher rights to a fair and unbiased hearing in front of an independent Arbitrator.  While the Chancellor claims that he has zero tolerance for teachers accused of sexual misconduct, he feels otherwise when it comes to his Administrators. Here is what he said about now ex-Principal John Chase Jr. when he was accused by teachers and students of sexual harassment.
On the new allegation, he said, “Just because an accusation is made doesn’t mean a person is guilty.”

Interestingly, despite two separate allegations of sexual harassment, the DOE never had SCI investigate the charges, just OEO., why?  The answer is that John Chase Jr. was a Principal and there is a presumption of innocence, hence the above statement by the Chancellor.  On the other hand, the Chancellor has made it clear that any real evidence of no sexual misconduct is not as important as a biased OSI or SCI investigation that is heavily influenced by the school's Principal. 

While the proposed law will have no effect on teachers who have already gone through the 3020-a process but remain forever guilty by the DOE,  It will affect any new cases and despite evidence to the contrary, will lead to automatic termination, no matter what an independent Arbitrator finds.  This sounds more like a Nazi or Stalinist court than an American judicial process.  Then again we are talking about the Emperor who believes that the laws do not apply to him. As for the Emperor's poodle the Chancellor?  His track record in determining sexual misconduct is found to be sorely  lacking.  See DOEnuts blog for more details about how untrustworthy the Chancellor's decision-making ability is.


Anonymous said...

Great post Chaz, I can just imagine how it must feel to be falsely accused, found by the Arbitrator to have not committe4d sexual misconduct only to see the Chancellor list you as having committed sexual misconduct, despite the facts disapproving it.

Anonymous said...

This just in--really. I just got a call from a dear friend who happens to be the APO of a major area high school. He felt really bad for some teachers at his school. Seems the principal (who is a real POS) granted tenure to 6 of 11 probationary teachers. That's bad enough. But THEN, she (the principal) just got word from the Chancellor that NONE of the 11 teachers at the school would be granted tenure. He overrode her.

The teachers were told to file extensions to try again next year for tenure. But the UNION told them not to sign the extensions so fast! So what, the union wants them discontinued?

It gets worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

Different topic....but deals with "the truth." Below are the official statements by cuomo and king on test data and teacher assessments. Whenever I mention this to teachers, most don't believe this is true.

Meaning if a teacher doesn't get the
" right" test data they automatically get an ineffective overall. A chapter leader reported to me recently that a district rep told him that "its not true"

What IS true on this...anyone know for sure.?

"The agreement significantly tightens the scoring system to ensure student achievement and teacher performance are both properly taken into account for teacher ratings. Teachers or principals that are rated ineffective in the 40 points could not receive a developing score overall."

""Teachers rated ineffective on student performance based on objective assessments must be rated ineffective overall"