Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The DOE Continues To Practice A Double Standard When It Comes To Disciplining Principals And Teachers. The Story Of Now Ex-Principal John Chase Jr.

According to blogger JD2718 the xerox loving Principal of Bronxwood Academy, John Chase Jr, is subject to a C-30 for the Principal position at his school.  What is interesting is the very long time frame between the time that Mr. Chase took the Principal position and the actual C-30 for it.  I wonder if it had something to do with the very bad publicity of the sexual harassment charges that the Office of Equal Opportunity substantiated in their investigation of him.  I guess the DOE was waiting for the bad publicity to fade away before they formally filed the C-30 for the Principal's position at the school.

The Principal, John Chase Jr, was found by OEO that he violated Chancellor's Regulation A-830, sexual harassment.  However, instead of being terminated for sexual misconduct, the Principal was never removed from his position, merely reprimanded with a letter to his file, and told to take a sensitivity training course which he may or may not have taken. By contrast if a teacher was accused of sexual harassment under A-830 he would not only have been removed from the school but would receive 3020-a charges by the DOE who will demand his or her termination.  Talk about a "double standard"?

I have first hand experience on the DOE "double standard" that the DOE uses when disciplining teachers and principals.  I was removed from my school and subject to Chancellor's Regulation A-830 and subject to a "probable cause hearing" which if I had lost, I would have been suspended without pay or health benefits for three months. When two different independent Arbitrators found me innocent of violating.Chancellor's Regulation A-830, it did not stop the DOE in trying to continue to vilify me in the press as if I was guilty of sexual misconduct when the truth was otherwise.. By contrast the Principal, John Chase Jr.  admitted to violating A-830, stayed in his position and received a reluctant "slap on the wrist" by Chancellor Dennis Walcott who decided that his actions against various female subordinates was not worthy of removal. I guess the Chancellor has a very warped sense of morality when it comes to his principals.

For the sake of all the female subordinates at the Bronxwood Academy, we all need to make our feelings known and make sure that this Principal, John Chase Jr. does not get the Principal's position.

Update:  According to blogger JD2718, it now appears that John Chase Jr. will not be Principal after all.  He apparently told his staff that he will no longer be leading the school by next week.  Hopefully it is true.

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